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ROW80 – First Check In

I know we’re only three days into this challenge, but so far, it’s going pretty well.

My goals for the 80 days are:

  • Finish my edits on Sea Fever and submit to agents
  • Plot, develop characters for, and write a first draft of Tea & Devilry

And, over the last three days, I’ve edited 8,500 words on SF, and got some serious GMC plotting done on T&D.

I haven’t posted in any details about how I set my goals, or how I plan to meet them. I was going to do that now, during my usual toddler-nap-provided writing time. But since the daughter refuses to sleep today, and I promised we’d make chocolate cake this afternoon, for now you’ll have to make do with this:

By the next check in, on Sunday, I will have:

  • Edited another 8,000 words of SF
  • Got basic block plotting done on T&D

At least, I will if the daughter ever goes to sleep again…

16 thoughts on “ROW80 – First Check In”

  1. Your goals sound very reasonable and well thought to me, and congratulations on what sounds like great success after two days. Much success for the rest of of the week and good luck with your daughter sleeping!

    1. Thanks Ben! I do find that setting the right goals is vital to me actually achieving anything. Daughter is now (hopefully) in bed for the night. Not asleep yet, obviously, but at least she’s lying down. I’ll take it as progress!

  2. Oooh lucky! I remember those days of napping. I could get SOOO much work done. Now my son is 8, and we homeschool, so…. Yeah.

    The worst time is when the kids stop taking naps, when they are still very young and need to be constantly supervised and all that. I think from about age 4-7 is the worst here, because they are still kind of wanting you to entertain them and you are also trying to get used to the fact that there is no naptime and are trying to adjust your work schedule for that. But now that my son is 8, he is pretty good at entertaining himself, so I do get time during the day to work. It gets better as they get older, and also, if you send them to school obviously you might have more time if you don’t have to work outside the home. But there’s always nights and weekends… They grow up so fast that you don’t want to plop them in front of the boob-tube and miss out just so you can squeeze in some writing time. But at the same time, sometimes it can be hard to resist when you really need some “me” time!

    Good luck with your goals!


    1. Napping is fantastic – when it happens! I try to use her post-lunch nap as my main time to get my writing done, so that when she wakes up we can play or bake or whatever. Anything I don’t get done then, has to be done after she’s gone to bed for the night. She’s only just two, so I’m hoping she’ll keep napping for a little while longer.

    1. Thanks Kait! I think the main thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent (writing wise, at least) is that I have to just grab the chances when they come. You just never know when you’re going to be up all night and a zombie the next day.

  3. I remember when my eldest was a great napper, I wish I’d taken writing more seriously then! If naps happen in this house, it’s only one kid at a time so I don’t really get the benefit of it. 🙂

    Best of luck with your goals, you’re doing well so far!

    1. Thanks Claire. It must be really hard juggling different nap times – not to mention everything else. I keep telling my husband, when she stops napping, I’m going back to work!

  4. Hey Sophie… I stopped by your blog to see how your first ROW80 went today and it looks like you’re doing great! I like how you set up small goals for the next check in. I think Im going to have to steal that from you!

    1. Thanks Michelle. It’s so much easier to reach a goal if you’ve got small stepping stones leading you to it! Also, setting smaller goals between check ins means I can take into account things like a choir concert on Saturday that means I’m unlikely to get any writing time that day…

    1. Thanks S.J. T&D has me intrigued at the moment, too, which mostly means I’m still not sure exactly what’s going to happen in it… beyond the haunted teashop and a deal with the devil, anyway.

  5. I once heard someone suggest that when your kids give up their naps, don’t give up the quiet time. Have them do quiet time in their rooms during that period. Hard to do with a 2 year old. Been there, done that. Kids are a constant adjustment and I’m another one who homeschools. Fortunately my 10 year old understands mom wanting writing time and leaves me to it. Most of the time. Love your title Tea and Devilry. Happy writing the first draft.

    1. Oh, quiet time. It sounds so… peaceful, if unlikely! I just can’t wait until my daughter learns to read. If she’s anything like me and my husband, she’ll be happy for days with a decent pile of books.

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