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ROW80 – Third Check In

Okay, it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time to fess up on how the goals are going.

First off, I’ve now been trying to persuade my daughter to have a nap for the last two hours. It’s not going well. She didn’t have one on Monday, either, and only had a half hour cat nap at nursery yesterday.

(ETA: She’s asleep! Hooray! That only took… two and a half hours.)

Still, despite the encroaching destruction of my writing time, I have cowboyed up, made the most of the time I do have and Got Stuff Done.

These were my goals for this check in:

  • Revise another 8,000 words of SF 
  • Write my working synopsis for Tea & Devilry

I have:

  • Revised 11,500 words of Sea Fever
  • Got 3/4 of my rough and ready working synopsis for Tea & Devilry

I’m taking that as a successful week!

So, by Sunday check in, I want to:

  • Have finished this round of edits for SF. I still need to edit another 8,ooo existing words, and write a few new scenes to reach that point. Then next week, I can start the intensive scene by scene language and polish edit.
  • Have finished the working synopsis for T&D. So I can start writing it next Wednesday, as my birthday present to myself!

Right, off to check how the rest of you are doing, now.

12 thoughts on “ROW80 – Third Check In”

  1. WOOHOO nap time! Someone should tell her that in a few years she’ll miss the nap times. I really want a nap…
    Way to rock the revisions!

    1. I’m getting there! Although the phantom funeral scene is slated for the weekend. That might slow me up a bit…

      I really, really miss naps. Especially on the days where she got up at 5am. Who does that?

      1. 5am? Is she your child? You might want to see about trading her in for another model. ;D I kid! I kid!

        You’ll do great. What I read was really interesting.

      2. I know! What kind of a time is that?

        Well, hopefully the scene is better with context. I want to work through to the end of the book first, then review and revise the key scenes to make sure they fit, flow and echo everything important. Then it’s just tidying up the language, and making sure I actually included emotions – something I’m fine at in 3rd person, but apparently incapable of in 1st! It’s the one thing I’ve spent most time fixing in this edit. Every bloody scene.

  2. I’d say that’s a very successful week – congratulations. It sounds like you’re well in control of your goals and your time and that is admirable, indeed. And, remember the glory of Row80 is that you can rearrange that any time to keep you writing, and creating, an inspired. Much success until the next update.

    1. Thanks Ben. Mostly I think I’m just impatient – I just want done with this revision so I can get started on the new first draft! I’m trying to balance doing it fast with doing it right.

  3. Great progress! I can’t even imagine how hard it has to be sometimes to be a mom AND try to be a writer as well. I have enough trouble taking care of myself, the husband and the cats, let alone a tiny and helpless human who relies on me for everything. Much admiration for you.

    Looking forward to teaming with you for the May Savvy Bootcamp!

    1. Thanks Jess. To be honest, we’re pretty sure that if the daughter could figure out how to use the microwave, she wouldn’t need us at all…

      Can’t wait for bootcamp! Must finish revision first, though.

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