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A Day Late & A Dollar Short (ROW80 4th check in)

This weekend got away from me a little bit. No, actually, this weekend stomped on my head and sent me crying to my Mummy.

Despite the ongoing sleep deprivation (daughter now appears opposed to sleep as a philiosophy, rather than just naps) I have got lots done since last Wednesday.

My goals for this week were:

  • Have finished this round of edits for SF.
  • Have finished the working synopsis for T&D.

And I have to say, I’ve made pretty good progress. I finished the SF revision – well, that round anyway. I’m now going through and polishing everything, but the book is really coming together well. Can’t wait to have it really done!

The Tea & Devilry synopsis is also in good shape. It’s not quite finished, because I’m still playing with options for the climax, but I certainly have enough to start writing. I was going to begin this week, but I’m going to wait, and try and get SF done and dusted by the end of the month, so I can focus on T&D forMay bootcamp.

So, by Wednesday, I’d like to…

  • Hit 20,000 words on the SF polish

That’s it! I’m off to Wales to see the family for a week or so over Easter and the Royal Wedding bank holidays, so mostly I’ll be packing, cleaning and figuring out how to fit all the daughter’s toys into our very little car.

Wish me luck!


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