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ROW 80 Check In #5 (now with added cupcakes)

The only goal I had for today’s check in was to hit 20,000 words on my Sea Fever polish/revision. And as of this lunchtime, I’m there!

I’ve got lots more to do, of course, but it’s my birthday today. So for now, I’m going to eat a vanilla cupcake with rose pink buttercream icing, and enjoy being 31 for a little while.

See you all on Sunday, when I’ll be in Wales, and my only goal is to have managed to get some work done with all my family buzzing around, telling me to come and have fun.

8 thoughts on “ROW 80 Check In #5 (now with added cupcakes)”

  1. Like we need something to celebrate to break out the cupcakes. 😉

    Happy Birthday! And congrats on the 20k mark! No small feat that. 😀

  2. omg happy birthday! You ENJOY those cupcakes. Mmm…cupcakes… *drool*

    Wait, wha? OH RIGHT. ROW80. Congrats on hitting the 20K mark on your revisions! WAY TO BE AWESOME, SOPHIE. 😀

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