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ROW 80 Check In #6 (now with added pox)

First off, thank you all for your birthday wishes, and congratulations on hitting 20k. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to go back through and reply to all the comments, but as the title suggests, the daughter came down with chicken pox on the same day we drove up to Wales for the bank holidays, and all has been chaos ever since.

All I really wanted to achieve by this check in was to have had a chance to work on the revision, in amongst all the family chaos. I have – not much, but I got to fix a scene that had been bugging me for a while, so I feel accomplished.

With the spots still ongoing, and lots more family things to do this week, I’ve downgraded my hopes for this week’s work. As before, any progress is a plus, and I’ll take it happily!

Hope all you other ROW 80ers are making better progress, and with less spots.

9 thoughts on “ROW 80 Check In #6 (now with added pox)”

  1. So sorry to hear about the chicken pox. Your first priority is to take care of family things…the writing will be there. At least you got some things accomplished, and like you said, all progress is a plus. I think you’re doing great.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I hope your daughter feels better soon. The chicken pox is not fun. Life happens, the writing will be there when things calm down again. -hugs-

  3. Aw, poor baby. Hope she feels better and doesn’t itch too much. Hard to write when your child is miserable. Kudos for accomplishing what you did.

  4. poor dab – hope she gets better soon – your mind will still be creating quietly in the background while you cope with life – ready for when everyone and .thing is back to normal

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