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Update on Life

I know, I know. Where the hell have I been?

Many apologies. I don’t want this blog to be a chronicle of my personal life, rather than my writing one, so suffice to say that things in the real world have been alternately trying, difficult, great and troublesome recently. I’ve not been in a position to do a great deal of writing for the last week or so, but I’m hoping that things have calmed down enough now for me to get back to work.

So I’m starting with an assessment of where I am now and where I need to go next:

Round of Words in 80 Days

My goals for this were quite straightforward: 1) Edit and submit Sea Fever. 2) Write a first draft of Tea & Devilry.

I can report that, against the odds, the first of these has actually been achieved! The second, however… well, it’s on hold for the time being because of…

May Bootcamp / June Revision Hell / July Call to Arms at Savvy Authors

Because my SF revision ran late into May, and given my recent writing break, there’s no way I can finish T&D before June revision hell kicks in. But I do want a revision I can get my teeth into for June, so I’ve been reviewing an older book that I wrote most of a few years ago. I’ve got 55,000 useable words – all in need of revision, but at least telling vaguely the right story. If I can finish off the book by the end of the month, I’ll have one less nagging loose end in my life, and I’ll have something to work on in June. I’ll come back to T&D later in the year, when I’ve got time to do it justice.

I feel very guilty about Bootcamp – I promised my teammates on Team Kick A$$ that I’d be working hard for them this month, and events have conspired against me. I need to make it up to them in the last week of the challenge.


This is always the first thing to fall by the wayside when I’m busy or stressed, and it needs not to be. Taking a tip from the inimitable Cid Tyer, I think I need to plan more in advance for what I want to blog about, and stick to it. I’ve got a list of topics, somewhere, that I’m just waiting to get around to writing about. I need to get them in order, and start working on some of them.

So, what are my goals between now and Wednesday? Well, to write, mostly. I’d like 7,500 new words on Breaking the Spell. I’d also like to have some sort of blogging plan for the next few weeks scheduled, ready to get posting.

Of course, I might not have mentioned that I’m at the seaside with my family this week. So I also need to build a lot of sandcastles, eat ice cream and go paddling. A girl’s got to have her priorities.

6 thoughts on “Update on Life”

  1. Oh, you should definitely enjoy building those sea castles…that’s the equivalent of “smelling the flowers” in life.

    It looks like you’ve been working hard and achieving a lot. You have several projects going, so it’s a juggling act. Hang in there!

  2. Sorry life has gotten in the way, but you’ve a great attitude to it, and relaxing at the seaside is bound to kickstart those creative juices. Enjoy yourself!

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