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Getting The Call. Metaphorically.

I’ve always loved reading other people’s The Call stories. In the same way I love looking at photos of other people’s writing spaces, it makes me feel closer to them and their writing, and helps me imagine my perfect writing space. My perfect moment, when I get The Call.

Last Friday, I got The Email, rather than The Call. Which, given the circumstances, was just as well.

First, a little bit of background. I recently returned to work after two and half years at home with my young daughter. I’m only working two days a week, which is perfect for us, and it funds an extra day’s childcare every two weeks – my writing day. Not that I don’t write every other day, too, but having a dedicated writing day that I was paying for with my own money, well. It makes me feel one step closer to being a proper writer.

I love my new job; it’s fun, I work with excellent people, and there are always biscuits. But it is in London, which means an hour and a half on trains, buses and foot every morning and evening. And it turns out that all that public transport isn’t necessarily good for my health.

Last Thursday, I had a bit of a sore throat. By the time I woke up on Friday, my head was thumping, my throat felt like I’d been swallowing razor blades, and my voice switched between non-existent and hilariously gravelly.

I felt so rubbish, I didn’t even check my email until after my husband had gone to work, my daughter was eating her breakfast, and I had my second cup of tea in hand. And when I saw I had an email from Renee Rocco at Lyrical Press, my first thought was, What a perfect day for a rejection.

I had to read the email twice before I managed to form a second thought. And even then, that thought was, Thank God she didn’t call instead. Because let’s face it, finding the words when someone tells you they want to publish your book must be pretty hard at the best of times. And I was not in the best of times. Even if I’d been able to find the words, she wouldn’t have been able to hear me say them. I had to wait until my voice improved a little later in the morning to even call my family and start spreading the news.

So, hooray for email, hooray for Lemsip, hooray for Lyrical Press and hooray for me. My debut novel, Room for Love, will be published by Lyrical Press next summer, and I am very, very happy. I’d be shouting the news from the rafters, but my voice hasn’t quite come back yet…

Oh, and because it’s Wednesday, I owe you a ROW80 update. This week I have… celebrated! But also written words, I promise. Tea & Devilry continues to chug along at a decent, if haunted, pace. At 20,000 words now, and hope to be at 27,000 words next week… if I can stop celebrating long enough to write!

20 thoughts on “Getting The Call. Metaphorically.”

  1. That is amazing! So sorry you have been unwell but what brilliant news! You must be so excited and it makes all the hard work worth!

    Enjoy your celebrations!

  2. Congrats!
    Glad it was an email. 😉 Enjoy your success!
    ::lifting a glass of champagne in your direction::

  3. Absolutely wonderful news! Feel better soon, and don’t forget to celebrate. This is an amazing accomplishment!

  4. Congrats! I had a similar experience, albeit more public. I was at dinner with a group of PubWrite friend, who were attending ReaderCon. I wanted to share a tweet with one of them from earlier in the day. I opened my smartphone and saw an email from a publisher and had the same reaction. Oh goodie another rejection. I read it twice as my dinner companions stared at my open-mouthed experience. I handed my phone to the person on my left and asked him to read it to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating (okay, we’d an adult beverage or three by then). He started hooting and passing my phone around. I spent the next 24 hours in stammering shock.

    Enjoy the ,moment! The fun really begins now.

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