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Guest post from Laurel Gans

Today, I’m lucky enough to have Laurel Gans, author of Waitlisted, here, talking about something I empathise with hugely – the chick lit lives we all thought we’d lead when we grew up!

I have always adored reading chick-lit! Needless to say, the books I read gave me a slightly skewed vision of what my life as a twenty-something would be like. I used to picture my future self as a confident, hot blonde in designer clothes, lots of make-up and high heels strolling down the streets of a big city. The sun was shining and I was on my way to some classy job in a high-rise office. I’d have a quirky best friend, a co-worker I couldn’t stand, and a certain someone at work I’d adore.

I should have known reality wasn’t going to turn out quite like that. Blonde hair would look terrible with my complexion and I can’t walk more than a few feet in high heels. I’ve also never been to a dental school in a high-rise.

Instead, I live in my own chick-lit world. There are similarities, of course. I do live in a big city and we do occasionally see some sunshine. However, I trot down the street wearing frumpy gray scrubs that are a size too big and cut for men. Don’t get me wrong, I make them work– it’s just not my best look. My pant legs are half-stuffed into my fluffy snow boots and a knitted scarf smears my attempt at some make-up. I spend most of my day drilling plastic teeth in a basement with just a few—no wait—zero windows. It might not be a glamorous place, but it’s just right for me.

My new novel, Waitlisted, takes place in the chick-lit world of a carefree college senior—a place I would love to go back to. A hard day’s work involves waking up, having breakfast, and taking a nap (yup, I definitely used to do that). A bad score can simply be manipulated with a little grade negotiation, and a tough class can be replaced with ‘intro to ice-skating’ (I learned to skate backwards and stop).

The main character, Kacey Barlow, is enjoying the college life. She’s already been accepted to grad school and doesn’t take one aspect of her classes seriously. When she discovers she’s been kicked out of the grad school her family has been attending for nearly a century, she’s forced to make some changes—and fast. The college world isn’t so fun when you have to get out of bed before the midday news and take that text book out from under the wobbly kitchen table and read it.

She’s got a lot of studying ahead of her. Hopefully she’ll learn a little bit about herself in the process.

Thanks so much for letting me be your guest today! If you’d like more information please follow the links below!

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Thanks Laurel! Waitlisted is next on my TBR pile – so if you’re not yet totally convinced to pick it up (and why not? It sounds awesome), check back here for a review shortly…

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