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Writing Update, Or, So Many Edits


Now, I am absolutely not complaining. This is the year that all those wishes on dandelion clocks, stars and birthday candles came true, and someone actually wanted to publish one of my books.

Well, two of them, actually.
So things are getting pretty busy around here, and I realised I hadn’t done an update post in a while. So here’s the current state of the writer…

Room for Love

I’m expecting my first round of content edits on Carrie and Nate’s story any day now, and can’t wait to get stuck in. My editor has promised me they’re not too hideous…

An A to Z of Love

I don’t have an approximate release date for this book yet, but I spent some time last week re-reading Mia and Charlie’s story, filling in cover art forms and blurb and tagline sheets, and I’m pleased to report that I still really love this story. I suspect that there will be some fairly intensive edits on this one, though. At the moment, I’m working my way through the pre-edits. I’ll let you know how they go…

Summer of Love

This is my nano novel, and one I’ve been wanting to write for a really long time. I’m hoping I can get a workable first draft during November, but I’m also very aware that, with all the edits, it might just not happen this year. Still, any words are better than no words, and I’m excited to be getting to work on a new book again.


I’m also starting to plan the projects I want to work on next year. As I keep changing my mind about this daily, I’ll wait to announce exactly what I’ll be doing. Suffice to say, lots more stories about families, friends and falling in love!

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