The daughter in her apron
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Bake 5: Cherry Shortbread with the Daughter

For her third birthday, my parents bought the daughter most of the items from the Lakeland ‘I Can Cook’ range. (Did I mention she’s spoiled rotten?) It ties in with the cBeebies programme of the same name, and includes a recipe book that is full of kid friendly recipes – all cold preparation then asking an adult to put it in the oven. Ingredients are cut with scissors or in the magic handle operated grater/slicer thing. It’s all pretty fab, to be honest. Or it will be, once I clear enough space in my kitchen to store the damn stuff.

Anyway, the daughter was understandably desperate to give it all a go. But it’s been one of those weeks here – the ones where it’s a miracle if you manage a dash to the supermarket for nappies and wine, and dinner is whatever isn’t too stuck to the bottom of the freezer. So I had a quick flick through the cook book, and found this recipe for Cherry Shortbread that I miraculously had all the ingredients for in the cupboard already.

At this point, I have to admit this post is mostly an excuse to show off the daughter in her new apron, a birthday gift from her Aunty Jo:

The daughter in her apron

The recipe itself was simple enough that she was able to do a lot of it herself – just having plastic mixing bowls instead of my glass and pottery ones made a difference there. She felt very pleased with herself when she rolled out the dough and cut out the shapes herself. She needed a bit of help cutting the cherries, but I think that was just because mixing the dough again was much more fun.

Mixing Cutting Cherries Rolling out

Obviously shows, and books and kits like this are all about getting kids interested and involved in the food they eat – doing rather than just watching. The recipes as a whole tend to reflect healthy eating principles and children’s portion sizes, which is great.

For me, though, the most important thing is that the daughter is learning a truly vital skill. Washing up.

Washing Up

The shortbread stars themselves were yummy, if a little burnt. There was a… knicker emergency just before the timer went off. Toilet training’s still a work in progress.

But the baking’s going wonderfully.

Shortbread Stars