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5 Things I Am Doing This Week Instead Of Writing


Fielding annoying phone calls from estate agents. Even though our house isn’t even on the market yet, they all seem to think that we should be spending all our time looking at prospective houses. Instead of say, writing. Or even:


Getting the house ready to sell. Which, at the moment, means throwing stuff out. So far, I’ve decluttered my bedside table. That’s it. I haven’t even sorted through my pyjama collection yet. Seriously, there is no point in us looking at houses yet…


Watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. On repeat. While the daughter was ill in Wales, her Uncle Mike found his old video of it, and put it on for her to watch while she snuggled on the sofa with teddy and her blanket. She watched it four times in two days. It’s now her favourite thing in the world ever. I’ve had to buy the DVD, as we don’t have a video anymore. We listened to the soundtrack all the way home in the car. She sings Any Dream Will Do to herself in the bath. I think Joseph is here to stay.


Making wedding invitations for my friend’s wedding. No, I’m not sure I remember volunteering for this, either. There may have been wine. But it’s nice to be involved, and I do enjoy doing something in the evenings that helps my brain unwind a bit, rather than worrying at a scene that isn’t working, or struggling with website updates. Speaking of which, that brings me to:


Updating the website. You can’t tell yet, because it’s all still hidden from public view, but I’m getting ready for the countdown to the release of Room for Love. The content edits for the companion novel, An A to Z of Love, are now finished, and I was required to come up with a name for the series… which wasn’t at all easy. But I have one, I’m thrilled with it, and I’m planning a lot of new content to accompany these books. Which, unfortunately for you, you’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer for. Because I really should be writing. Or watching Joseph. Or something. But, coming soon, I promise!

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