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Bake 8 – Apple Teacake from A Village Pantry

Apple CakeThis week’s bake is Apple Teacake from A Village Pantry. Once again, no photos of the work in progress, since the baking was interuppted by yet more phone calls from estate agents (see: 5 things I am doing this week instead of writing for clarification). But this is what it looked like when I cut myself a slice:

I chose this for today’s bake because the Daughter wanted to use her magical I Can Cook grater, and apples seemed like a good subject. Also, for reasons lost to the mists of time, I had a bag of frozen cooking apples, already peeled, cored and chopped, in my freezer from the latter part of last year. Seemed to me they could probably do with being eaten.

I think my love of apple cake must be a close second to my love of lemon cake. And when you add in some cinnamon… Perfection. Sheelagh suggests serving it with cinnamon butter, which sounds fantastic, but I’ll be honest, I was scarfing it down still piping hot from the tin.

This is my favourite type of cake to make, and eat. Simple, plain but moist and flavourful cakes, without the fuss of icing or jam, and perfect with a cup of tea on a cold day. I’ll definitely be making this one again.

But the tangy taste of cooking apples has reminded me of my wonderful recipe for Dutch apple pie… hmm, can I wait until autumn to post that one? It is wonderfully autumnal. But it’s also very yummy and I haven’t had it for a while… we’ll see.

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  1. Thank you Sophie, I’d actually forgotten about this recipe myself, must make it again tomorrow! You also inspired me to make a nostalgic tea-bread earlier this week too after reading your lovely post a few weeks ago. Sheelagh x.

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