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Younger Than Springtime…

SnowdropsI know it’s not really spring yet. But given the astonishingly spring-like February we’re having, you could almost believe we’re at the edge of winter, about to tip into warmer winds and lighter evenings. And even though it’s been a mild winter, it’s been a long one, for me at least. Too much going on, and too many worries. I’m more than ready for carefree spring mornings leading into lazy summer afternoons.

It’s odd. Usually, autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I like the nights drawing in, and the excuse to pull a blanket over my knees in the evening. I love the changing leaves, and the first day I get to wear my winter boots. I like waiting for the snow, and that first day the air smells cold.

But this year, for once, I’m peering out my window watching for the bulbs to break through. I’m finding every excuse to be out in the warming air. I’m soaking up the still weak sunlight, and waiting to strip off my scarf.

I’m ready for a fresh start to this year, a spring clean on 2012.

Spring Chicken in a PotTo encourage spring in, I made this Spring Chicken in a Pot for Sunday dinner last night. It felt incredibly virtuous, stuffed full of green veg, even after I added the pancetta and white wine… It was also utterly delicious, and highly recommended.

March starts on Thursday, with St David’s day on the 1st, so I’m planning Welsh cakes and celebrations with some of my favourite people. Then we’re off for fresh air and good company in Gloucestershire for a couple of days at the weekend.

This week, I received the final versions of Room for Love in varying formats, which I need to check through before I leave for the weekend. Reading my own book on my Kindle is astonishingly weird, and also makes it very, very real. Only three months now until everyone I know can be bullied into buying and reading all about Carrie and Nate and the Avalon Inn. Bit scary, that.

White CrocusBut the snowdrops and crocuses are up in the garden, the weather’s nice enough to take the Daughter to the park most days, Wales are still undefeated in the rugby, I have lots of lovely things planned over the next few months, and before spring is properly over I’ll be a published author.

Really, what more could a girl ask for?