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More Castles For Couples To Kiss In

The husband, the daughter and I spent the Mother’s Day weekend up in the Midlands, staying in Leamington Spa. We were there to party at a good friend’s wedding reception on the Saturday evening – the daughter, by the way, thinks wedding discos are the very best thing ever to happen to the world. She did not stop dancing all night.

It’s been a while since we went away, just the three of us, and it was lovely to have some time together. Although I did banish the other two to a nearby coffee shop for tea and cake while I watched the second half of the rugby in the hotel room. My argument was, last time Wales were in line for a grand slam in the six nations, we were in Dallas, and I still managed to find a pub to watch the game in. If I missed this one, when I was actually in the country, I’d never forgive myself.

Kenilworth CastleAnyway, it meant that I got to have mother’s day breakfast in Cafe Rouge, with several pots of tea to wake up after the late night before. And then we got to explore Kenilworth Castle!

My brother was in university in Warwick, and lived in Leamington Spa, but somehow not one member of my family, who all visited him with some regularity, had managed to make it to nearby Kenilworth Castle. Well, not inside, anyway. Most of us had been to the gift shop…

Kenilworth CastleWe should have done, though. It’s a fantastic castle – great views, great ruins, and a fantastic history. It’s reddish stone and huge windows make a change from the grey, darker Welsh castles I’m used to. It also has an Elizabethan garden, recreated to echo the one built by Robert Dudley when he revamped the palace to entice Queen Elizabeth I to visit a second time. And the tea rooms serve delicious cream teas…

Sophie Pembroke at Kenilworth CastleI took enough photos that the daughter got thoroughly bored of it, and insisted I watch her scamper up hills instead. She and the husband explored the heights of the walls, while I stayed at the bottom steadfastly not looking. And the husband decided it was the perfect place for some new author shots for me, which is why there are actually photos of me in our holiday snaps for once.

It occurred to me recently, while writing the first draft of my new book, partially set in Wales, that I seem to have developed something of a habit of having my couples kissing in castles. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s nice to have a different style castle to set the canoodling in…

So, how long do you think it’ll take me to write a couple who manage to find love here?Kenilworth Castle

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