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5 star review for Room for Love!

Room for Love coverIn case you missed my overexcited conga line through facebook and twitter last night…

Room for Love got 5 out of 5 stars at Romance Writers Reviews!

I’m sure there’ll be less favourable reviews along the way, but this one will make them all easier to bear. Not least because the reviewer seemed to love all the things about the book that I love most!

Here’s what Wanda had to say:

Sweet, sexy, and then sweet again. “Room for Love” is a beautiful romance story with an interesting storyline. I fell in love with all the characters; they were charming, funny, and very sweet….well not the conniving ones. Even though all the characters weren’t family it seemed like they were, they worked as a family in the end. I enjoyed this story very much, it was very well written, the author obviously knows how to write a book to hook the readers the entire time. BEAUTIFUL!

Isn’t that wonderful? And my husband even bought me flowers to celebrate.

It’s a really good week over here!

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