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Cover Love!

An A to Z of LoveAs a special treat to make up for losing an hour to British Summer Time yesterday, I got to see the new cover for An A to Z of Love. Isn’t it pretty? Lyrical Press have done an amazing job on my covers, and I’m so grateful.

What I love most about the covers for the Love from Wales series is that they feel like the books. They’re romantic, they’re a little bit sexy, but still gentle. Couples on covers of books never feel exactly like the characters, I’ve found, but these ones are pretty close. The couple on the Room for Love cover feels much more like Nate and Carrie, while the couple on the new cover are obviously more Charlie and Mia. I love that!

I’ve been setting up the series page for the books – just click on the daffodils on the right to take a look. There’s a lot more to come, though, as we get closer to the release dates. Recipes from the books, peeks behind the scenes at the Avalon Inn and the A to Z shop, new excerpts and reviews.

Actually, all this series love has got me itching to revise and submit the third part of the series – Summer of Love. Just have to hit all my April deadlines, first…


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  1. Beautiful cover, Sophie!! I love it! And the other cover for the series is wonderful too. Congrats on your upcoming releases!!

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