Cheese Scones
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Bake 15: Cheese Scones

For the first time this year, I’m a week behind in my 52 bakes challenge. I have a number of excuses for this, which I shall share with you purely to make myself feel better:

  1. I actually cannot face any more cake or chocolate after Easter.
  2. The daughter has what we’re officially calling ‘The Snuffles’ but actually includes a hacking cough and lots of cuddles at all times. Oh, and not sleeping very well, which means neither am I.
  3. Operation We Really Need To Move House Sometime This Year is officially underway, and we’re stuck in that really miserable phase where everything needs sorting/cleaning and we keep telling each other that ‘things have to look worse before they look better!’ in false optimistic voices.

Anyway. The world outside our window this morning looks like this:

Rainy morning

So the daughter and I decided we needed something warm and sustaining for a mid-morning snack. Fruit just won’t cut it when it’s that cold and wet out, and we’ve had to raid our optimistically packed away winter wardrobes for something cosy to wear.

“Let’s make Cheese Scones!” I said, with considerably more enthusiasm that the idea really warranted. But, I figured, they’re warm and comforting, and they’re not cake or chocolate. And, most importantly, they’re really easy.

The daughter looked at me, considering. “I’d rather make cake, actually.”

I shuddered. “No more cake. Cheese scones.”

“But I like cake.”

“I’ll let you do all the rubbing the butter into the flour on your own.”

“And can I lick the spoon?”

I had no idea why she’d want to, but if it meant I got my cheese scones… “Of course!”

I found a really, really easy recipe from the BBC, and we got set to work, trying to ignore the half-sorted cupboards, the mass of cleaning products, and the box full of things for the charity shop. I rolled the scone dough too thin as usual, but I figure that just means you must have two of them for a snack instead of just one, right?

We spread them with butter, still hot from the oven, and devoured them happily.

Cheese Scones
Cheese Scones

Then the daughter said, “Can I have some chocolate now?”

Easter leaves a lingering legacy, it seems.

On the plus side, now I’ve indulged my savoury side, I’m eyeing up these White Russian Cupcakes for my birthday on Friday… After all, two weeks without cake would just be silly.