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Less than a week to go…

Room for Love coverNext Monday marks the release of my debut novel, Room for Love. Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it once or twice already.

It’s a very strange thought – that this time next week I’ll be a published author. Due to a slight scheduling mishap, I’m actually going to be in a very small castle in deepest, darkest Derbyshire on release day (there’ll be photos, obviously) and I’m not sure how great my internet access is going to be.

So I’ve been preparing lots of things in advance. Several lovely people are letting me babble on about my book on their blogs next week, and I’ll be linking to all of them from here. And for release day, I have a new section of this site going live, with some book extras for anybody who just can’t get enough of the Avalon Inn after reading the book.

While I’ve been busy getting all this ready, I’m afraid the baking has fallen a little by the wayside. Not to worry, though. The husband and daughter offered to take over this week’s bake – Chocolate Brownies – for me. I’ll report back on their success soon…


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