An A to Z of Love
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Sneak preview of An A to Z of Love

In just over a month the second book in my Love From Wales series is released, and it occurs to me I haven’t talked very much about it yet.

So, what’s it about? Well…

An A to Z of LoveEveryone’s talking about Mia Page. Again.

Mia Page has been the subject of gossip in Aberarian for half her life, ever since her father ran off with his secretary–and the contents of the local museum safe–when she was fourteen.

Still, Mia loves her hometown, loves working at the A to Z shop, eating seafood with her best friend Charlie at his restaurant, catching the classic midnight movie at the crumbling Coliseum cinema. And if she ever wonders if things might be even better if Charlie were more than just a friend, well, it’s only an idle thought in a lonely moment. After all, friendship always trumps romance, doesn’t it? And she’s never been one to rock the boat.

But everything she loves is suddenly under threat from Charlie’s ex-girlfriend, Becky, and her plans to turn Mia’s beloved Coliseum into a casino, transforming the sleepy seaside town forever. As Mia tries to pull the people of Aberarian together to save the town they adore, her father reappears, and people start asking what he wants to take from them this time…

But why’s it called An A to Z of Love?

Well, actually, there’s a nifty excerpt up on the Lyrical Press website at the moment that explains that.

And if that’s not enough, I’ve got another glimpse of Mia and Charlie here on the site, under the Love from Wales section.

Hopefully that will keep you going until July 23rd!