Wishing Well by f_shields
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If wishes were horses…

Wishing wellThe daughter is somewhat obsessed with wishes at the moment.

This manifests itself in a number of different ways. In the toy aisles of supermarkets, it makes itself known in the form of wistful requests.

“I wish I had a flying pony toy/hula hoop/really hideous toy thing.”

Always said while looking longingly at the item in question with wide, innocent eyes. I think the hope is that I’ll be tricked into thinking she isn’t actually asking for the toy in question, and so decide to get it for her because she’s so cute and undemanding.

I’m trying to be strong. Although, actually, she has acquired the first two items on that list – bought for her by her adoring father and grandmother respectively. She doesn’t stand a chance with the really hideous toy thing, though. It’s sticky, for heaven’s sake.

She has other wishes, too. When we pulled the wishbone from the Sunday roast chicken this week, she wished for a really pink room in a new house. That one, at least, I stand a decent chance of fulfilling.

But having sussed out that wishes are a possible way of getting what you want (which the Daughter is always in favour of) she now wants to know about other ways to make wishes. Over the last few days we’ve had very detailed discussions about wishing wells, wishing on a star, making a wish when blowing out birthday candles, and how each of them might actually work.

I also had to break it to her that wishes don’t always come true. Not a fun conversation.

But all this talk about wishes has brought my creative mind back to a book I’ve been wanting to write for years, tentatively titled One More Night. I actually have the first 20,000 words drafted. It’s set in the Wishing Well restaurant, which has a well in the back garden that really does grant wishes – but only ever one per person. It’s also about homecomings, and family, and love… which I’m sure is no surprise at all to anyone reading this!

It’s a story I’d love to get back to. Maybe it can be my motivation for finally finishing up the edits on Summer of Love and getting it submitted. Then I can settle back in with Amy and Ethan and everyone else at the Wishing Well, and set about making some of their wishes come true. Including Ethan’s wish for one more night with Amy Maguire…