An A to Z of Love
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One more week until you can meet Charlie Frost!

An A to Z of LoveThat’s right. In just seven days, I will no longer have to say “not until the 23rd” every time someone asks me if my second book is out yet! Not that I mind, of course. I’m just delighted that people seem to be looking forward to it, after reading Room for Love.

Actually, the second question everyone seems to ask, after the release date, is “Is Nate in it?” To which, I’m afraid, I have to answer, “No.” But I reckon you’re all going to love Charlie just as much.

Appropriately for this very British summer we’re enjoying, An A to Z of Love is set in a seaside town being washed out by both the weather and the failing economy. Charlie Frost moved there two years ago, ready to start his dream life – running his dream seafood restaurant, living with his dream woman in his dream cottage up on the cliffs. But then his fiancée Becky ran out on him, and now StarFish is losing customers, the cottage is falling down, and Charlie is forced to consider what’s really keeping him in town.

And he thinks he knows the answer: his best friend, Mia Page. But just when he’s starting to consider that maybe Mia could be more than a friend, Becky returns to town with a plan that could change Aberarian forever.

Since you’ve still got a week to wait until you can meet him properly, Charlie has very kindly provided two of his favourite fishy recipes from StarFish’s menu for you to try in the meantime. In fact, I’m cooking the Smoked Haddock & Spring Vegetable Risotto for friends tonight… Enjoy!