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An A to Z of Aberarian

An A to Z of LoveToday’s the official release day for An A to Z of Love! So, to help you feel at home with the locals, I’ve put together an A to Z of Aberarian for you:

A – is for Aberarian itself, the seaside town where our story is set

B – is for Becky, who’s come back to town with a plan

C – is for the Coliseum Cinema – home of the midnight movie and wet weather matinees – and destined to become a casino, if Becky gets her way

D – is for the irrepressible Ditsy Levine, owner of the A to Z shop

E – is for the Esplanade, the road that runs along the beachfront

F – is for Falling in Love, but who’s falling for whom?

G – is for George Page, our heroine’s dad, who skipped town with the school secretary – and the contents of the local museum safe – when she was 14

H – is for Hero – ours is Charlie Frost, seafood chef and owner of StarFish restaurant

I – is for Ideas for how to get the town on side to save the cinema, and Ditsy has a good one, laid out on Index cards

J – is for Joe, the butcher-cum-fishmonger of Aberarian

K – is for Kissing, of which there is plenty

L – is for Love, which everyone in town is looking for

M – is for Mia, our town outcast heroine

N – is for New beginnings, for everyone

O – is for Opportunities – is Becky’s return one for Charlie?

P – is for the Postman, Jaques, who delivers to Mia a most unwanted letter

Q – is for Questions, of which Mia has plenty. Like, will Charlie get back together with Becky?

R – is for Ruthless, just like Becky’s plans

S – is for Saving the Coliseum!

T – is for Tony, Becky’s boss

U – is for Unexpected help from Unexpected quarters

V – is for Victory, but for whom?

W – is for Weather, which in Wales, is never very reliable

X – is for eXes, and why it’s a bad idea to get back with them

Y – is for Yesterday, and how the town can’t let go of Mia’s family’s past

Z – is for the famous smuggler, A to Z Jones

I do hope you enjoy the book!

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