Llandudno, Wales
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A Day at the Seaside

Llandudno, WalesVery appropriately, I spent the release day for An A to Z of Love at the seaside.

Mum, the Daughter and I drove up the coast from my parent’s house to the seaside town of Llandudno, ready for a day of paddling and building sand castles. We bought the Daughter a very pink bucket and two pink spades, and a very cute new sun hat she wouldn’t let me take a photo of her in. She ran into the sea and back out again until she got too cold, when we stopped for lunch, and a walk along the pier. We played the tuppenny falls, the Daughter went on a pirate ship bouncy castle, we visited shops entirely filled with shells, ate ice cream, and then we went back to the beach for another paddle.Llandudno, Wales

Needless to say, the Daughter slept all the way home in the car.

It was lovely to see a Welsh seaside town thriving. Admittedly, it was the first proper day of the school summer holidays, and the first hot weather we’ve seen this season, but the place was packed. Unlike the very similar town of Aberarian at the start of An A to Z of Love, Llandudno is still pulling in the tourists and the daytrippers, and the old hotels along the front are still doing a roaring trade.

Aberarian, on the other hand, is a holiday destination no one wants to holiday in, and a town no one can seem to afford to run a business in. Can it regain the success of towns like Llandudno?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!Llandudno, Wales