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Back to School and Behind Schedule

Starting schoolSo, September crept up on me a bit this year, and two weeks into the new school year I already feel woefully behind. We’d thought we’d be in our new house by now but, as the daughter informed our new neighbours last week when they asked if we had a moving date yet, “We’re waiting on the paperwork.”

We’re getting there, slowly, and I’m sure it can’t be much longer now, as the solicitors sent us a draft final bill this week. Still no completion date, but at least we know how broke we’ll be once we move.

In the meantime, the daughter has started at her new nursery school, a very convenient five minute walk from the new house, and a less convenient half hour drive from our current one. Between the school run and the getting the husband to and from work schedule, I’m currently spending a minimum of an hour and a half in the car daily. And three and a half hours annoying the staff of the local coffee shop near the new house, as I wrestle with revisions on Summer of Love and drink too much tea, until it’s time to pick the daughter up again.

Fortunately, the daughter appears to be settling down well at nursery school. I say appears – she’s always happy when I pick her up, and she’s showing less of the sad-but-brave face when I drop her off. But whenever I ask her what she did today, she refuses to tell me, on the grounds that it’s a secret.

The husband discovered that, like spies and governments, she can be persuaded to divulge certain nuggets of knowledge, as long as the sharing of information goes both ways. Our conversations in the car home now go like this:

“What did you do at nursery school today?”

“Shhh, Mummy. It’s a secret.”

“If I tell you one thing I did today, will you tell me one thing you did?”

Considers. “Okay. What did you do today, Mummy?”

“I tried to resist the urge to stab my manuscript with a sharp pen.”

Frowns. “No, Mummy. You wrote your book in a coffee shop.”

“Oh yes. Silly me. So, what did you do.”

“Painting.” (The answer, incidentally, is always painting. Which I already knew from the stack of paintings in her book bag.)

“Anything else?”

“Shhh, Mummy. It’s a secret.”

And so on.

She’s also still very anti-photo. It took me three days to get a photo of her ‘first’ day at school, and even then, I had to pretend I was just checking my messages on my phone. As you can see, she still looked pretty suspicious:

Starting School

Still, she’s enjoying her packed lunches, and crashing out every night after a fun-filled day, so all is well, really. And one day soon, I’ll be able to drop her off, walk round the corner to our new house, and settle into my new study to stab my manuscripts with sharp pens.

Good times they are a-coming.

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