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Season of mists, marriage and mocha cake

We’re definitely in the grip of Autumn over here, and loving every minute of it.

We spent October half term deep in the depths of Sherwood Forest with 22 of our nearest and dearest, where I got to: indulge my inner Maid Marion by picking up a crossbow (and being great at it, thank you), eat pancakes and fajitas and many, many other yummy things, go bowling for the first time in a decade, relax in the spa, kick through leaves wearing an amusing bobble hat, and generally have a wonderful time.

We also had a Halloween party, where three small witches (the daughter and her cousins) ran shrieking around the villa devouring chocolate for several hours.

At one point, we actually got them to all stand still at the same time:

Three Witches Drawing

Although not face the camera, obviously.

Usually, the end of a holiday is a bit depressing. But not for us! Because we were heading off to a Very Important Wedding, and spending the weekend with some of our dearest friends.

The GroomThe Bride

I’d share more photos, but most of them appear to involve people wearing a bright pink hat at a rakish angle, some time after the band packed up and went home…

When I did finally tear myself away from the party and made it to my hotel room, I found the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the bride and groom, as an anniversary present. Clearly, the first weekend in November is the only one to get married on.

Anniversary flowers

Back home, it was back to school yesterday and, of course, Bonfire Night! I’m not usually a fan of loud noises, but I do have a fondness for fireworks. Since we were all tired, we decided to just a have a few small, quiet fireworks in the back garden.

Of course, the husband then came home with a huge box of assorted fireworks and a packet of rockets.

The daughter sat through them with her bunny mitten hands clamped firmly over her ears, and decided she liked the sparklers best. As do I.

Bonfire Night Bonfire Night

But now it’s back to work. I’ve got a lot coming up in these last six or seven weeks before Christmas – not least, attending the Festival of Romance in Bedford as a VIP author later this month. Expect much posting about that, and if you’re planning on being there, please grab me and say hi! I’ll be the one with the teapot earrings…

I’m also woefully behind with my 52 bake challenge, but I’m hoping the season of Christmas baking will help me catch up. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the Speckled Mocha Cake I made to take on holiday, as being enjoyed by my brother, Uncle Mike, who also valiantly shared a room with the daughter for the week, and so had earned all the cake.

Uncle Mike with Mocha CakeI’ll post the recipe on Friday, in an attempt to get back onto some sort of blogging schedule! In the meantime… revisions. Wish me luck!

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