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All the Fun of the Festival!

I had the best time at the Festival of Romance this weekend. Sadly, I managed to take no photos at all, which means you’ll just have to take my word for all the fun people I met, and the great chats we had.

I hate to name drop (actually, clearly I don’t) but it was fantastic to catch up with the always lovely Lucy Felthouse, to meet Katherine Garbera, and Fiona Harper, and to have dinner with Talli Roland, Rachel LyndhurstLynda Dunwell and Caroline Bell Foster. And so much fun to talk writers’ conferences with Charlie Cochrane, hear Nicky Wells belting out Bon Jovi and Miranda Dickinson reading from her new book (which features a choir that seemed oddly familiar…), and to discuss the importance of identifying yourself as a writer with Laura E James, amongst so many other conversations with so many other wonderful people.

I did two readings from An A to Z of Love, which weren’t the disasters my imagination had been helpfully suggesting they might be. There was plenty of cake – always a good sign – and perhaps the odd glass of wine as well. The conference on Sunday was interesting and insightful, and I also managed a very useful and exciting conversation with a delightful editor over a cranberry and brie panini and a cup of tea…

As I said, I am mostly photoless, but fortunately for me, a great number of other people actually managed to take their cameras out of their bags, and the official photographer got some great shots, too. You can see the official festival photos here, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more photos popping up on many websites before too long.

My favourite, however, is always going to be this one of my friend Ally pretending to be a Blaze heroine at the Mills and Boon stand!

Blaze Heroine Ally!

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  1. Hi Sophie

    It was so nice to see you at the Festival! Loving that Mills and Boon cover photo! Wish I’d had that done now! Great blog post! Are you as tired as I am?!

    Mandy 🙂

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