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On A Roll…

You Have My Heart, Sweet Valentine Love - by D. Sharon Pruitt
You Have My Heart, Sweet Valentine Love, by D. Sharon Pruitt

Well, apparently the good news isn’t over for this week! I’m delighted to report that I’ve just signed a new contract with Lyrical Press to publish the third book in my Love from Wales seriesSummer of Love.

This book was a bit of a beast to get from my head down onto paper, but I’m pleased with the end product. No word yet on a release date – and I still have the joy of edits ahead yet – but as soon as I have details I’ll be sharing them here.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of what it’s all about…

Summer of Love


Boutique jewelry designer, Lily Thomas, knows that hating the boring ring her fiancé bought her isn’t a good enough reason for ending a seven year relationship. Especially when settling down with Edward is the only thing she’s ever done right in the eyes of her mother, and her hometown. Everyone else is doing it – Lily’s best friend Cora, her cousin, her friends from work, old school friends… it seems that everyone is getting married that summer. Why not her?

But when her high school crush, Alex Harper, moves back to Felinfach, he shows her that pretending to be someone she’s not, just to keep her fiancé happy, isn’t the right way to start a marriage either.

Alex, meanwhile, is dreaming of a whole new life. He’s left behind the money and the women of his successful city career, moved home to settle down, and is ready to start a new career as a photographer. But he hadn’t counted on his little cousin’s best friend, Lily, growing up so damn distractingly gorgeous. The town wild child isn’t at all what he had in mind for a future bride, never mind that she’s still engaged to someone else.

But when Lily calls off her engagement, and she and Alex strike a wedding buddies pact – agreeing to accompany each other to all the weddings they have scheduled that summer – the whole town is suddenly talking about them. And if they’re going to talk anyway, why not make the most of it? As long as they both know it’s only a summer fling…

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