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Springing into action!

Girl In Stripes On Chainlink Fence
Or, rather, sluggishly pouring myself another cup of tea and smiling at my daffodils.

But it’s March 1st, St David’s Day, and surely it has to be spring by now, right?

Spring always makes me want to do things. Not clean, obviously, but other things. Start new projects, undertake new activities, make something.

In this spirit, the daughter is starting ballet class today – something she is beyond excited about. She’s been to a couple of taster classes with a friend and, while she might not have a natural genius for dance, she threw herself into it wholeheartedly. She’s been practicing her gallops ever since. It’s like taking a very small horse for a walk.

I, on the other hand, am in something of a holding pattern, unable to get going on all sorts of things. I’ve just finished up revisions on one book, and am now waiting for edits from my agent. I’m expecting content edits any day for Summer of Love, and copy edits for Stranded with the Tycoon. (There are a lot of edits in my future, it seems. Expect whining.) And then there’s my editor’s thoughts on my proposal for my next Mills and Boon novel, something I’m waiting very anxiously for!

So there’s a lot of hurry up and wait going on around here. On the plus side, we’re halfway through redecorating the study! The husband has painted and papered the walls, we’ve spent the obligatory five hours in IKEA choosing desks, shelves, lighting, desk chair and bookcase, and the very indulgent reading chair was delivered this morning… we’re just waiting for the carpet to arrive and get fitted before we can put it all together. Sigh.

If only I were a more patient person. Perhaps I’ll go outline another book while I wait…