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Easter: Weddings, Deadlines, Flash Mobs & Reading Under The Covers

There’s still a little snow on the ground here in places – and a lot more back home in Wales – but with the Easter holidays upon us it’s just got to be Spring now, right?

Unusually for us, we were at home for Easter this year, rather than up in Wales, because a very dear friend was getting married on Easter Saturday. We had  a wonderful, if chilly, day. A moving wedding service at a beautiful church, delicious food and better company at the reception, a flashmob style dance to Time Of My Life during which I managed to not actually fall over, and stunning fireworks. By the time we dragged the daughter off the dancefloor, we were all ready for bed.

The bride was beautiful, the groom looking very handsome, and yet the only photo I managed to take all day was of the husband and daughter. On the plus side, it’s the first photo in several months where she’s not scowling… Husband & Daughter

Unfortunately, I was also on yet another book deadline this weekend, so have been alternating between edits and easter eggs for the last few days.

I handed the book in yesterday, just before sitting down to our Easter lunch – roast lamb, boulangerie potatoes, spring greens, all followed by banoffee pie. Then I collapsed, full, on the sofa and watched the latest episode of Doctor Who, thus making it feel far more like Christmas than Easter.

So today, I’m tidying up, catching up on admin (and this blog…) and starting work on a new project – the second of my contracted novels for Harlequin Romance. Which, I might add, is due in very, very soon indeed.

It’s going to be another busy month, but I’m going to take this afternoon off to relax, spend time with the husband and daughter, and possibly eat some chocolate.

The husband, by the way, did very well this Easter. After the utter present-fail of Christmas (when I ordered, collected, paid for and very almost wrapped my own present) he managed to buy me a ridiculously oversized chocolate egg without me noticing, or finding it hidden in the house. He also bought me a new mug, ready to start my new project, so he’s officially back in the good books.

Well, until my birthday, later this month, when we may need to reevaluate again…

Typewriter Mug

As Easter Sunday drew to a close, I pottered upstairs last night to check if the daughter was asleep, only to find her sitting up in bed reading her book out loud to her Teddy. For the first – but almost certainly not last — time, I had to tell her “Ten more minutes reading then lights off,” just as my Mum did with me for years and years.

I texted Mum to tell her. I think she’s still laughing.