Let's go fly a kite
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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Let's go fly a kiteThis weekend, spring finally seemed to make an appearance, just in time for the daughter to head back to school today for her last term in the nursery class. Still, she made the most of it, as you can see from her gleeful, kite chasing photo.

For me, back to school means back to work. With a book due in at the end of next month, I couldn’t quite afford to take the full two weeks off for Easter, but with the daughter at home all day everyday, work has been crammed into evenings and weekend mornings while she’s watching cartoons with the husband, before we head out for family holiday fun.

We’re incredibly fortunate; by working from home I have great flexibility about when I work – invaluable when we have no close family living nearby, and feel kinda guilty about taking too much advantage of the very generous friends who offer to entertain the daughter for odd afternoons when they think I’m getting a little stressed out about falling behind.

Still, with the husband working full time and studying for his PhD in something scientific (I think it has to do with magnets…) it has felt a little like we’re working shifts here this holiday. The husband took last Friday off work to spend having adventures with the daughter. I handed her over to him at 9am and, barring occasional stop ins for emergency hugs, and once to show me her new swimming costume (“Guess where we’re going Mummy! You’ll never guess!”) left them to it until 4pm. At which point I cleared the desk, packed away my computer, let the husband into the study (with laptop and notes in hand) and took over the train track making, dinner cooking, bath and bedtime songs and story reading routines. At 8pm, the husband stopped work long enough for us to eat pizza together, then we both got back to it for another hour or two. He got the study, I got the sofa. And the leftover mini eggs.

So it’s nice to be back to my usual routine this week, working mornings in my little study, then spending time with the daughter in the afternoon. She’s developed a newfound love of hoovering to go with her dusting obsession, so for once the housework is actually getting done with some regularity.

And tomorrow evening they announce the school places for the district. Come September, whichever school she ends up at, my little girl will be heading off in a uniform for the first time, and I’ll have six hours of uninterrupted peace to write my stories.

So for now, I think I’ll go and get the train set out, ready for when she gets back from nursery. We still haven’t managed to make a track with no dead ends that uses all the pieces. Must achieve it before September…