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My Bookiversary!

Room for Love coverHappy Bookiversary to me! 

On this day, last year, my first novel, Room for Love, was officially released. I was, due to a slight scheduling error, stuck up a castle in Derbyshire at the time, trying to manage release promos and blog tours via the non-existant 3G connection on my phone, and squealing every time someone texted or messaged me to say they’d bought it.

Since then, of course, the second novel in the series, An A to Z of Love, has also been released, and the third book, Summer of Love, contracted for release this December. I’ve also got two books coming out in the Mills & Book / Harlequin Romance line – the first, Stranded with the Tycoon, is up for pre-order on Amazon UK and Amazon US right now, ready for its September release. Cover should follow soon… And I’m going to finish writing the second one any day now, promise!

But if you want to see where it all began, pop on over to the Avalon Inn and visit Carrie and Nate, as they try and save the Inn from bankruptcy, satisfy the demands of the ornery Seniors, and dance to the music of Mr Bing Crosby…

Romance Writers Reviews: 5/5 Stars

Sweet, sexy, and then sweet again. “Room for Love” is a beautiful romance story.

Amazon UK: Room for Love

Amazon US: Room for Love


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