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Sun, Sand and Minor Accidents

The Daughter in a Summer FieldThe Husband, the Daughter and I returned on Sunday from a week of sun, sand, and minor accidents. Since we were on holiday in Wales – Pembrokeshire to be precise – the first was a miracle. The last… well, all I can say is I think the daughter must be going through a growth spurt. She’s not normally quite that clumsy.

We headed west on Friday afternoon, after the daughter finished school (and after the husband replaced the tyre with a nail in it – minor accident #1). Normally the trip takes us around five hours. This year, it took eight and a half, due to a crash on the Severn bridge that closed five out of six lanes (someone else’s accident, thankfully. In the end, I was just grateful we got there at all).

Rain was scheduled for most of the week, but that first weekend was supposed to be nice, so we determined to make the most of it. But by late afternoon on Saturday, the Husband had managed to get a haircut that made it look like he was trying to grow a mullet, and the Daughter had slipped on the beach and cut open her lip on a rock, then dropped the cheering-up ice cream we bought her afterwards. At which point we decided to give up for the day and go to the pub for tea.

Iron Age Roundhouses at Castell Henllys, WalesSunday was a little better – we visited the replica Iron Age roundhouses at Castell Henllys and enjoyed the sunshine. Which was just as well, as Monday brought torrential rain. People were building arks. I just curled up with a good book.

Luckily for us, the weather improved for the rest of the week – so much so that I even managed to get sunburned. On a beach in Wales. While wearing factor 50 sunscreen. It was almost embarrassing. We spent time reading, pottering, eating out and walking on the beach, and it was lovely. This year, more than any before, I think we all really needed a holiday where we actually took time out, rather than rushing from one sight to the next.

Tenby in the eveningWe travelled home via Cardiff, for lunch with a friend, Bristol, for dinner with my sister-in-law, and Gloucestershire, where we had a couple of days with friends. During this time, the Daughter managed to fall in a ditch full of nettles, scrape both her knees and cut just below her nose. The last was probably the most major of our minor accidents – a centimetre higher and she’d have broken her nose, a centimetre lower and she’d have probably lost teeth. As it was, there was a lot of blood, and one very sad little girl with what is sure to be a distinguishing scar, once it’s all healed.

So now I’m back in my little purple study, ready to get back to work. It’s nice; I’d tied up a lot of things before I went away, so I didn’t have to work on holiday, and so I get to come back and start fresh on things. And I’ve got an exciting trip to Romance HQ to look forward to in the not too distant future. In the meantime… there’s a new book I should be outlining. Better get on with it!