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Not shown: the huge red wine stain on Dad's shirt.
Not shown: the huge red wine stain on Dad’s shirt.

Last weekend, the husband, daughter, Uncle Mike and I all travelled home to Wales for my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary.

Seriously. 35 years.

They threw a magnificent garden party to celebrate, and even the weather cooperated for once. My contribution to the occasion was the bunting themed cake – made, as ever, by George at George’s Marvellous Cakes. (Each tier was a different flavour – vanilla, lemon and chocolate. I can personally attest that all three were delicious.) There was food, there was wine, there was chatting and, as ever at my family celebrations, there was singing until far too late into the evening. (Around midnight it turned into ukelele renditions of The Sound Of Music and I finally went to bed.)

I returned to my desk yesterday to be bombarded with edits, when what I really want to be doing is working on the proposal for my next Mills & Boon romance. Still, the serious edits for my second book with them are now just about done, which is incredibly exciting! I also got a hint at the title, although I’m waiting on official confirmation before I share that here. But I can tell you that it looks like it will be out on shelves in February 2014.

I also realised that this month marks the anniversary of the release of An A to Z of Love, the second book in my Love from Wales series – and also, very appropriately, the book I dedicated to my Mum and Dad. It’s also apparently my Mum’s favourite of the series so far. We’ll have to wait and see if that changes when the third book, Summer of Love, comes out in December…

So, to mark both romantic anniversaries, here’s a snippet from An A to Z of Love, where Magda is explaining to Charlie and Joe all about love…

Magda settled against the counter, hands resting on the stainless steel behind her. “I am going to tell you boys something about love,” she said, in the tone Charlie had come to recognize as her ‘trust me on this, I’m smarter than you’ voice.

“With love,” Magda said, her voice settling into a rhythm that made her accent all the stronger, “you do not settle. With love, you do not hide. With love, you must search everywhere, hunt and seek and keep your eyes open always. With love, you cannot make assumptions. You have to trust that the right person will find you, eventually, if you are willing to be found.”

“So dating Kevin,” Joe said, frowning. “That’s you not making assumptions, right?”

“It’s me still searching,” Magda corrected.