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Missing summer yet?

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I don’t know about where you are, but here in Hertfordshire I have unpacked the boots and winter coats. I’ve bought the daughter the sweetest little owl hat ever made, and am happily imagining crisp autumn walks, cosy evenings with a book and a blanket, and pub lunches with roaring fires. All while ignoring the reality of cold, wet days and the smell of mouldy leaves, of course.

The daughter, on the other hand, is already missing summer. In fact, she’s getting very specific in her wishes to rearrange the calendar to better accommodate her preferences.

To start with, she wanted it to be summer all the time. I pointed out all the great things that happen in the other seasons and she relented slightly.

“I wish it could be spring, summer, halloween, bonfire night, Christmas or my birthday all the time, Mummy.” Not quite as catchy as ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday,’ but I can appreciate the sentiment.

Just in case you feel the same as the daughter in these matters, I thought I’d mention that the third book in my Love from Wales series, Summer of Love is out right now in paperback (which, trust me, was just as much as a surprise to me as everyone else!) and will be available as an e-book at the start of November. Set over one long, hot summer of weddings, it’s the perfect antidote to the autumn/winter blues.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Summer of Love by Sophie PembrokeIt’s only a summer fling…

Boutique jewelry designer Lily Thomas knows hating the boring ring her fiance gave her isn’t a good enough reason to end a seven-year relationship. Especially when settling down with Edward is the only thing she’s ever done right in the eyes of her mother–and her hometown. Besides, everyone else seems to be getting married: Lily’s best friend Cora, her cousin, her friends from work. So why not Lily?

But when Alex Harper, Lily’s high school crush, moves back to Felinfach, he shows her exactly why. She can’t pretend to be someone she’s not just to keep her fiance happy. It’s a terrible way to start a marriage, and a terrible way to live. Lily calls off her engagement, but she still needs a date to all the weddings crowding her summer calendar. Conveniently, Alex has a few weddings to attend as well. They agree to be wedding buddies, and soon the whole town is talking about them. If everyone’s going to talk anyway, why shouldn’t Lily and Alex make the most of it? As long as they both know it’s only a summer fling…

But maybe you’re more of an impatient for Christmas person, like me. In which case, I’ve got another offering for you! Out in the UK next month is my snowbound-in-a-Welsh-cottage romance, Stranded with the Tycoon. It’s already available in North America and Australia, and will be released over here as an e-book and two-in-one Cherish paperback with Melissa McClore’s A Little Bit of Holiday Magic at the start of November. But if you can’t wait that long, it’s available right now on the Mills & Boon website or, if you fancy trying your luck, you could enter my Goodreads Giveaway to win a copy of the Cherish two-in-one.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stranded with the Tycoon UK CoverThe man who sees her beauty…

Ben Hampton is the last man in England that workaholic historian Luce would ever choose to be stranded with. Tall, dark and infuriatingly arrogant, he’s also a reminder of her not-so-glorious romantic history—something she’s spent the past few years burying herself in work to forget.

Hotel tycoon Ben knows there’s fire behind Luce’s buttoned-up exterior, and fanning its flames is an irresistible temptation. Luckily, getting snowbound in the countryside gives him the perfect opportunity to tempt out the real Lucinda Myles!

So, whatever your mood, I’ve got a book to suit you this season!