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Back to Work

The Kiss Before ChristmasSo, I’m back at my desk and hard at work this week, after a lengthy (and lovely!) Christmas break. I did pretty much no writing at all for two whole weeks, although I’m totally making up for it now!

I did take some time to look back at the last year, though, and do some planning for the next one. And obsessively check all the lovely reviews for my Christmas novella, The Kiss Before Christmas. Obviously.

We’re only nine days into 2014, but already Change and Great Things are afoot!

First off, you may have heard that Lyrical Press has now become an imprint of Kensington books, which is very exciting for everyone there! As a result, and while things are changing, my books with them – my Love From Wales series – will be temporarily unavailable for a little while. But don’t worry – they’ll definitely be back up at your favourite e-book retailer before very long, just with a rather new look… more news as I get it!

In the meantime, I have a release date and title for my third book with Harlequin Romance / Mills and Boon Cherish! A Groom Worth Waiting For, Thea & Zeke’s story, will be out in August. Set in a very luxurious villa in Tuscany, the book starts when Zeke walks in on his childhood sweetheart, Thea, in her wedding lingerie, as she prepares for her marriage of convenience to his brother…

This book is actually the first part of a duet, and I’m busy writing the second part, starring Thea’s sister, Helena, and Zeke’s adopted brother Flynn, right now. The action kicks off right where we left Helena and Flynn at the end of A Groom Worth Waiting For, and it’s so much fun already!

Heiress on the Run UKAnd of course, before either of those books hit the shelves, I have the release of Heiress on the Run to look forward to! Out on general release next month, it’s already up for pre-order on Amazon US and UK, or available RIGHT NOW on the Harlequin and Mills and Boon websites.

In fact, here’s a little sneak preview…

‘Let me tell you a little bit more about what I need,’ he said, and Faith nodded, her best attentive face on. ‘My name is Lord Dominic Beresford, and I run a number of businesses from my family’s estates.’ Faith’s stomach clenched at the name. Of course he looked familiar. She’d probably seen him on the society pages a dozen times when she lived in London, usually next to photos of her mother looking tipsy behind her fake smile, or her father charming another man’s wife. Or even of Faith herself, leaving the current London hotspot on the arm of someone very unsuitable. Lord Beresford, on the other hand, was always immaculately dressed and frowning.

‘I have six American businessmen and -women arriving in London tomorrow morning,’ Dominic went on, oblivious to the way her stomach was rolling. ‘I need you to meet and greet them, plan entertainment for the hours they’re not going to be in meetings, and accompany them on tours, the theatre, whatever you come up with.’ He gave her a sharp look. ‘Can you do it?’

Spend a week in the company of a man who could at any moment realise exactly who she was and expose her, all while avoiding anyone she knew in London, and working at the same time?

‘Of course I can.’

Heiress on the Run, by Sophie Pembroke

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