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An Invitation to Rosewood

Come one, come all, and join us at Rosewood – home of literary legend, Nathaniel Drury, and his family.

Rosewood invite - plain

Amazingly, there’s only two weeks left until my new book, The Last Days of Summer, hits the virtual shelves on June 9th. (It’s up for pre-order right now pretty much everywhere.)

As we get closer to release day, I thought it might be fun to share some more details about the book, and give you a few behind the scenes glimpses to ease you into the world of Rosewood.

The Last Days of Summer CoverSo, what’s the book about? Well, it’s a grown up coming of age story about Saskia Ryan, granddaughter of celebrated novelist Nathaniel Drury. She returns home to Rosewood to face her family after two years in exile, unsure as to whether the secret that drove her away is out yet. She expects to be in and out in a weekend – just long enough to get through her Grandparents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary party. But that’s before she meets Nathaniel’s new assistant, before Nathaniel makes his big announcement, and before she realises that she’s not the only member of her family keeping secrets…

If you’d like to meet the cast of characters from the book, check out the brilliant poster my publisher, Carina UK, put together for me. And if you’d like to read about how this book came to be published, twelve long years after I first had the idea, take a look at this post I wrote earlier in the month for the Carina UK site. And if you’d like to pre-order the book, well, I’d be immensely grateful!


I’ll be back on Sunday with a sneak peek extract of the book. Until then, enjoy finding out all about Rosewood!

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