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A Happy/Sad Day

It’s a day of mixed emotions here at Pembroke cottage. On the one hand, it’s release day for Christmas at Rosewood, and I’m so excited!


When I originally wrote The Last Days of Summer, many moons ago, the story was split into two parts – one set in the summer, one the following Christmas. While bringing all the action together into the summer made for a better book, it did mean I had to say goodbye to all my wintery, festive Rosewood scenes. So I was delighted to be able to revisit Rosewood for Christmas in this novella.

The Last Days of Summer was dedicated to my mother’s parents, so it felt only right that this one be dedicated to my father’s parents.

The dedication reads:

For my Gran, Lesley Kathleen Stella Cannon

and in memory of my Grandpa, William Charles Cannon

with so much Christmas love xxx

Sadly, my wonderful Gran passed away a few days ago, just before the book was published, making today feel a little bittersweet. But just like Grandpa’s orange fishing jumper appeared in the first book as a key part of Nathaniel’s wardrobe, Gran lives on in my books. Isabelle’s elegance and perfect hostess abilities, Therese’s talent for putting together the perfect outfit for any occasion – that’s all Gran.

When we were small, my brothers, cousins and I all thought that Gran was a bit like the Queen, only slightly posher. Regal, immaculate, imperious and with a encyclopaedic knowledge of etiquette. And even in her last months, she was always the perfect hostess – she couldn’t help but ask if you needed a cup of tea, or some cake.

We’ll all miss Gran tremendously this Christmas, and every other day. But my Aunt told me a story that helped to ease the pain a little. When Gran used to visit her out in Australia, my Aunt would always be very sad when she had to put her back on the plane to go home again. So she’d call Grandpa, who would say, “I need her too.”

Grandpa has waited a long time to have her home with him again. It makes me smile to think that they’ll be together this Christmas, at last.

Gran, with my Aunt
Gran, with my Aunt

Here’s what it’s all about:

christmas-at-rosewoodAll Freya Hollis wants to do is hide from the world, instead she’s spending Christmas Eve driving her son and nagging mother through the snowy countryside to spend the holidays at Rosewood, with her brother’s new family.

Already nervous about trying to merge two family traditions together, Freya is shocked to find out that Rosewood has an extra guest for Christmas…Aiden, her brother’s best friend and the – almost – love of her life.

She’s never told anyone about the Christmas they spent together and has no intention of dredging it up now! Except Rosewood has a way of drawing out even your most buried secrets and Freya might discover that this ghost from Christmas past could just be a part of her future…

And here’s where to buy it!

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