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A Happy/Sad Day

It's a day of mixed emotions here at Pembroke cottage. On the one hand, it's release day for Christmas at Rosewood, and I'm so excited! When I originally wrote The Last Days of Summer, many moons ago, the story was split into two parts - one set in the summer, one the following Christmas. While… Continue reading A Happy/Sad Day

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A Visit to the Village

As of this time yesterday, the husband and I have been married for ten whole years. To celebrate, we took advantage of my parents' offer of thirty hours of free childcare last week and absconded to Portmeirion for the night. For those unfamiliar with North Wales' only Italianate village, it looks a bit like this:… Continue reading A Visit to the Village

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Behind the Book: The Story of my Grandparents’ Welsh Dresser

Behind the Book posts look at the inspiration behind and details within my books - and where they come from. First up, my Grandparents’ Welsh Dresser, as featured in Room for Love.  When we were trying to sell our old house, there was one question every single person who came to view it asked. Not… Continue reading Behind the Book: The Story of my Grandparents’ Welsh Dresser

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A Marriage of Convenience?

Confession: I am a total sucker for marriage of convenience stories. I've read hundreds of them, but have only really written one - His Very Convenient Bride, out this month from Harlequin Romance / Mills and Boon Cherish.  I think what I like most about them is how inconvenient the marriage always turns out to be. And… Continue reading A Marriage of Convenience?

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My Summer of Love at the RNA Conference

Writing can be a lonely business in some ways. I mean, yes, you have your beloved characters to keep you company and engage in the sort of dazzlingly quick dialogue you (well, I, anyway) never quite manage in real life, but it's not the same as talking to real people, is it? And even when… Continue reading My Summer of Love at the RNA Conference

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Not rubbish. Just still learning.

The daughter, I am pleased to report, is still enjoying school. In fact, if you ask her, she'll say "it's amazing!" Of course, this doesn't change the fact that every single morning she objects to having to go (mostly because she'd rather stay curled up on the sofa with Teddy and Cuddly) but once she's… Continue reading Not rubbish. Just still learning.

Harlequin Romance Lunch in London
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The New Normal – Life As A Full Time Writer

It's been a week since my first Harlequin Romance novel, Stranded with the Tycoon, was published. A whole week! And in that week, the following things (not all entirely related to the book) have also happened: I got to go for a fancy lunch in London with other HR authors, including the lovely Michelle Douglas,… Continue reading The New Normal – Life As A Full Time Writer

Teacup Cake
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All The Cake In The World

Or: Why My Friends & Family Are The Best Ever This weekend, I turned 33. I'm a big believer in making the most of birthdays, as anyone who has had to listen to me going on and on about this one will testify. I know some people prefer to ignore them, or at least ignore… Continue reading All The Cake In The World

Let's go fly a kite
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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

This weekend, spring finally seemed to make an appearance, just in time for the daughter to head back to school today for her last term in the nursery class. Still, she made the most of it, as you can see from her gleeful, kite chasing photo. For me, back to school means back to work.… Continue reading Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Me & Her
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Any Questions?

The daughter has always been the inquisitive type. And by 'inquisitive' I mean 'asks questions every single waking moment of her life.' Her favourite times to indulge this pastime at the moment are: when she's gardening with Daddy; when she should be going to sleep; whenever anybody is trying to do anything requiring any level… Continue reading Any Questions?