Stranded With The Tycoon

(September 2013)

Stranded with the Tycoon Cover Stranded with the Tycoon UK Cover Stranded with the Tycoon

Nominated for the 2013 RT Reader’s Award for Harlequin Romance, and shortlisted for the Festival of Romance Short Romance Award.

The man who sees her beauty…

Ben Hampton is the last man in England that workaholic historian Luce would ever choose to be stranded with. Tall, dark and infuriatingly arrogant, he’s also a reminder of her not-so-glorious romantic history—something she’s spent the past few years burying herself in work to forget.

Hotel tycoon Ben knows there’s fire behind Luce’s buttoned-up exterior, and fanning its flames is an irresistible temptation. Luckily, getting snowbound in the countryside gives him the perfect opportunity to tempt out the real Lucinda Myles!

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Romantic Times gave Stranded with the Tycoon 4 1/2 stars and made it one of their Top Picks for September! 

With its well thought-out storyline, fans of passionate tales will want to read this one repeatedly.

Read the full review on the RT Book Reviews website.

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