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It’s coming on Christmas…

 ... as Joni Michell would say. And somehow, it seems to be approaching with rather more speed than usual. With less than a month now until Christmas, I have finally come to the realisation that I have to actually do things to be ready for that. (I'm still blaming the move for putting me so… Continue reading It’s coming on Christmas…

Food for Thought

Bake 40: Amazingly Autumnal Apple Cake

I have a not very secret love for apples. Not, admittedly, in their raw, healthy form particularly. But I love applely things. Apple candles. Apple shower gel. Apple pie. Pork and apples. And Apple Cake. I'd picked up some cooking apples after promising to bake the husband and daughter something yummy to keep them entertained… Continue reading Bake 40: Amazingly Autumnal Apple Cake

A Whole New Playground of Fun
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New Rhythms and Sunday Pudding

I have a tendency to over think things in autumn. Perhaps it's the new school year thing, or maybe just the way the weather forces us inside more. Or it could be the impending Christmas season, and all the planning it requires. Although, honestly, it might just be that I tend to have a lot… Continue reading New Rhythms and Sunday Pudding

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Bake 38: Speckled Mocha Cake

The day before we went on holiday this half term, I realised I still hadn't packed anything. Or found the husband's suit to take to the wedding, or asked him where the bike rack was, or tried on my dress for the wedding to make sure it fit, or checked how long it was going… Continue reading Bake 38: Speckled Mocha Cake

Three Witches Drawing
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Season of mists, marriage and mocha cake

We're definitely in the grip of Autumn over here, and loving every minute of it. We spent October half term deep in the depths of Sherwood Forest with 22 of our nearest and dearest, where I got to: indulge my inner Maid Marion by picking up a crossbow (and being great at it, thank you),… Continue reading Season of mists, marriage and mocha cake

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Home is where the boxes are… (with bonus pancakes)

Not my house. Photo by Robert Neff. We moved! Finally. We've been in the new house a week now, and had pancakes for breakfast for the first time here today, which means it's officially home. And now I've unpacked the books, and made a path through the boxes to my desk in the study, it's… Continue reading Home is where the boxes are… (with bonus pancakes)

Blackberry Cupcakes
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Bake 36: Blackberry Cupcakes

We're deep in the midst of moving madness here, as well as quite a lot of writing madness. There are boxes everywhere, I'm halfway through my second first draft in a month and a half, and I'm just about to pack up my baking supplies, so we'll be cakeless for a few days. I should… Continue reading Bake 36: Blackberry Cupcakes

Mad Hatters Tea Rooms, Chester
Food for Thought

Bake 35: Mad Hatters’ Cupcakes

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited to my lovely friend Carolyn's hen party. Carolyn, incidentally, introduced us to the concept of Cake Pops a year or so ago, and is now required to make them for every New Year's Eve, or there might be riots. So incredibly good. Anyway. Carolyn and her… Continue reading Bake 35: Mad Hatters’ Cupcakes

Double Chocolate Cupcakes
Food for Thought

Bake 34: Double Chocolate Cupcakes

One of the perils of driving to and fro between the old house, new house and nursery school, is that the Daughter and I keep getting tempted into the giant supermarket on our way. Usually at lunch time. While hungry. Utterly, utterly fatal. Some days we get out with just a sandwich for lunch, or… Continue reading Bake 34: Double Chocolate Cupcakes