Are you ready to explore Rosewood?

The Last Days of Summer CoverIt’s here at last! Release day for my first Women’s Fiction novel – The Last Days of Summer. 

I’m so excited for you all to visit Rosewood – to hear Nathaniel tell stories, take afternoon tea with Therese, and watch Saskia try to find her place in her family again.

In case you’ve missed it, head over to my The Last Days of Summer page to read the blurb, check out the reviews, meet the family and read an excerpt.

Over the next five days, you’ll also be able to read posts about some of the themes in the book, the background to the writing of it, and get your hands on some of the recipes from the Rosewood kitchen, as part of The Last Days of Summer Blog Tour.

Here’s a full list of all the stops – so check back for new posts every day over the next week!

Last Days - Blog Tour

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Behind the Book: The Story of my Grandparents’ Welsh Dresser

Behind the Book posts look at the inspiration behind and details within my books – and where they come from. First up, my Grandparents’ Welsh Dresser, as featured in Room for Love. 

When we were trying to sell our old house, there was one question every single person who came to view it asked. Not about local schools, or parking, or the mythical underfloor heating we’d been assure the house had when we bought it (but which turned out to actually just be the hot water pipes). No. Everyone asked:

will you sell the dresser?

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Summer of Love cover

My Summer of Love at the RNA Conference

Writing can be a lonely business in some ways. I mean, yes, you have your beloved characters to keep you company and engage in the sort of dazzlingly quick dialogue you (well, I, anyway) never quite manage in real life, but it’s not the same as talking to real people, is it? And even when I do get to talk to real people, at the school gates or whatever, it’s a little hard to engage them on the subjects of character conflict and plot, or RSI prevention, or worthwhile promo ops, or the baffling world of royalties statements.

Which is why it was so lovely to get away to Telford at the annual Romantic Novelists’ Association conference this weekend.

This year’s conference was expertly organised, brilliantly run, and just so, so much fun. It was hot and sticky, but nowhere near as bad as last year, the food was incredibly good, and the kitchen parties as epic as ever (even if I did change into my pyjamas for one of them. It had been a long day, and the holdy-in knickers were getting a little tight!)

My top 5 highlights of the weekend were:

  1. Nikki Logan’s incredible ‘Chemistry of Reading’ talk. Anyone who has an interest in learning how to affect readers so that they fall in love with your story (and hopefully hurry out to buy everything else you’ve ever written!) should pick up her book: The Chemistry of Reading – Arousing Your Reader. I know I am! And it’s only £1.95 on kindle right now.
  2. Janet Gover’s ‘Location, Location, Location,’ session. Such a useful reminder of how much setting can bring to a story – and some great tips for how to make the most of it.
  3. Sitting down with Scarlett Wilson and Jessica Gilmore to talk about an exciting project we have coming up next year… Watch this space!
  4. Sipping prosecco with the lovely Lucy Gilmour and Victoria Oundjian from Carina UK and chatting about Joey and Pacey, the West Wing, sports romance movies and, eventually, books. It was very uplifting to hear how pleased they are with how The Love Trilogy has been received, and to chat about some plans for the future…
  5. The giant Yorkshire puddings for lunch on Sunday!

It’s back to work for me today – but with a bounce rather than a bump. I left the conference feeling inspired, and eager to get on with my various writing projects. Starting today, with the release of the third and final book in The Love Trilogy – Summer of Love! Perfect for these sunshiny days we’ve been enjoying.

Here’s a little preview from Chapter Four…

Summer of Love cover

Watching Alex as he painstakingly arranged her rings and pendants to best catch the light, Lily found it hard to believe this was really the same boy who’d torn up the town in his youth. Or even the same man who’d taken the financial world by storm, making fortunes for others, and enough for himself by all accounts. The man Cora had described as having a different woman every night, and two on Saturdays, while he was living the high life in London.

Now, he looked… settled. Content. The restlessness she remembered from when he was a teenager had left him. Maybe he’d finally found his place in the world, unlikely though it seemed.

Lily wished she could say the same about herself.

But she was a grown up now. Maybe Alex could drop his old life and start a new one, but that wasn’t so easy for most people. He’d left behind colleagues and friends, sure, but he’d moved home to family. If she wanted to start over again… She had nowhere to go. She’d used up all her second chances by the age of nineteen.

She had to make this life work.

But… did she have to marry Edward to do that?

‘Can you hold this for me?’ Alex asked, not looking up, and Lily hurried to his side to assist, keen to leave her unpleasant thoughts behind. ‘Like this.’ He draped a chain over her fingers, leaving the pendant dangling down above the champagne glass full of rings. ‘Perfect.’

Stepping back, Alex lifted his camera and Lily blinked at the flash as he took several photos in rapid succession. Then he moved back again, lifted the camera slightly, and took a few more.

‘If I was in that last set, we’re burning the negatives,’ Lily said.

Alex smirked. ‘Digital camera, I’m afraid. But I’ll let you have a copy of the files.’

Like she’d want a reminder of how wretched she looked and felt on this day. Although, with Alex there, distracting her, the day had improved somewhat. Maybe the crush she’d had at school was ten years out of date, but being around Alex was relaxing. Fun, even. ‘Okay, what do you want to photograph next?’

Glancing around him, Alex settled on the cabinet of engagement and wedding rings on the other side of the room. Striding towards it, he said, ‘Let’s get some shots of the really good stuff, now. But I’m going to need you to model them for me.’

Lily hung back until Alex held his hand out for the key. She passed it to him, biting her lip. Modelling her engagement rings, the ones she hadn’t been allowed to make for her own hand… Was that weird? It felt weird. She swallowed. ‘There’s a variety of sizes there. They won’t all fit perfectly.’

‘But enough of them will fit well enough?’

She nodded. Her fingers were fairly average size, maybe slimmer than most. Some might hang a little loose, but he could hide that in the photos, she was sure.

He looked at her, eyes serious. What was he trying to prove here? His expression gave nothing away. He simply tipped his head in acknowledgement and said, ‘Okay then. Let’s get started.’

Alex sat her, not at her workbench, as she’d expected, but by the window, the May sun streaming through and warming her skin. Using the folding table he’d commandeered for the other shots, draped in a snowy white cloth to best reflect the light, he’d settled her into a comfortable enough position, where her hand could rest at the best angle. When he was happy, he said, ‘Right then. Inferior ring off. Let’s see which of yours suits you best.’

Lily looked at the ring she hadn’t chosen on her hand. This was stupid. She took it off all the time at home – to do the washing up or when she put on moisturiser. The diamond stuck out at just the right angle to catch her skin, or her tights, or get encrusted in soap. It really wasn’t a practical ring. It only made sense not to wear it all the time.

Resolved, she slipped it off her finger, placing it on the windowsill for safekeeping. Then she bent her head over the tray of rings and chose her favourite, next to the one she’d made for Cora. White gold, with a blue diamond, bezel set low on the band so its surface was almost level with the rest of the ring. Simple, practical, and stunning. She was proud of that ring. Even if she’d never wear it herself in reality, she wanted to show it off.

Holding it up for him to see, she said, ‘How about we start with this one?’

* * * *

The ring Lily picked was utterly her, Alex realized. Simple but captivating, and just a little bit unusual. Was that the sort of ring she would have designed for herself? If she’d been given the chance, that is. Without thinking, he plucked the ring from her grasp and said, ‘An excellent choice, milady. Shall we see how it fits?’

It wasn’t until he’d lifted her left hand and slipped the ring onto her fourth finger that he realized quite what it meant. His heart racing, he jerked his head up to meet her gaze as he pushed the ring home. Her eyes were wide and green, caught in the moment like him. A pink tongue darted out to wet her lips, and Alex clamped down on the urge, sudden and overwhelming, to lean forward and capture her mouth with his.

In the past, he’d have done it. He’d have taken the perfect romantic opportunity, and won her over. Seduced her with the right smile, the right words, the right look. But he wasn’t that person, now. And besides, he’d never have done it with a ring. He’d always known that marriage, commitment, settling down… that had to be saved until it was the right person, in the right place. And being back home might have put him in the right place, but Lily Thomas couldn’t be the right person. Not least because she was engaged to marry someone else.

But still, he couldn’t shake the thought that this was exactly how it should feel to propose marriage. Terrifying, heart racing, arousing and perfectly right.

Except he wasn’t proposing, was he? He was supposed to be taking photos.

Dropping her hand, Alex swallowed hard. ‘Right then,’ he said, busying himself with his camera so he couldn’t see if her eyes were still wide and wanting, or if her lips were still parted in that sweet, alluring way. ‘Let’s get started.’

‘Right. Yes. Okay.’ Was it his imagination, or did her voice sound husky? Maybe he wasn’t the only one affected by the moment. ‘How do you want me?’

Naked under me,Alex thought, the image vivid and desperate in his head. How had this happened? He’d seen her twice in the last decade. How had she got so completely under his skin in so little time?

‘Um, just rest your hand like… that, perfect. Great.’ With a deep breath, Alex lifted the camera and started to shoot, focusing on the light, the framing, the angle. They weren’t going to be his best-ever photos, he knew. Hopefully he could fix them later, once he had them on his computer.

For now, he just had to get through the tray of rings between them without succumbing to his desires.

He just had to remember that Lily was engaged to someone else. That those weren’t his rings on her finger. That he didn’t want Lily for his bride anyway. He was looking for the steady, supportive wife his father had wanted for him. Not the wild child best friend of his cousin.

Focus. That’s what he needed. ‘Right. Next ring.’

It took hours to get through all of them, but Alex couldn’t bring himself to stop. He wanted to see every single ring on her slim fingers. Wanted her to see how every one of them was a better match for her than the one Edward had picked.

As the afternoon light faded into evening, they reached the last ring, and he smiled at Lily as he reached in for it, not realizing she was doing the same thing. She sucked in a breath when their hands brushed against each other. Unfortunately, the sound was followed immediately by the clatter of the shop door opening…

Want to read more of The Love Trilogy?

Room for Love

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An A to Z of Love

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Summer of Love 

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An A to Z of Love is out today!

An A to Z of LoveThat’s right! The second book in my Love trilogy releases from Carina UK today. And to celebrate, here’s my A to Z of Aberarian, the rundown seaside town that’s the setting for the book. And, below, a little sneak peak of the story itself!

  • A – is for Aberarian itself, of course
  • B – is for Becky, who’s come back to town with a plan
  • C – is for the Coliseum Cinema – home of the midnight movie and wet weather matinees – and destined to become a casino, if Becky gets her way
  • D – is for the irrepressible Ditsy Levine, owner of the A to Z shop
  • E – is for the Esplanade, the road that runs along the beachfront
  • F – is for Falling in Love, but who’s falling for whom?
  • G – is for George Page, our heroine’s dad, who skipped town with the school secretary – and the contents of the local museum safe – when she was 14
  • H – is for Hero – ours is Charlie Frost, seafood chef and owner of StarFish restaurant
  • I – is for Ideas for how to get the town on side to save the cinema, and Ditsy has a good one, laid out on Index cards
  • J – is for Joe, the butcher-cum-fishmonger of Aberarian
  • K – is for Kissing, of which there is plenty
  • L – is for Love, which everyone in town is looking for
  • M – is for Mia, our town outcast heroine
  • N – is for New beginnings, for everyone
  • O – is for Opportunities – is Becky’s return one for Charlie?
  • P – is for the Postman, Jaques, who delivers a most unwanted letter to Mia
  • Q – is for Questions, of which Mia has plenty. Like, will Charlie get back together with Becky?
  • R – is for Ruthless, just like Becky’s plans
  • S – is for Saving the Coliseum!
  • T – is for Tony, Becky’s boss
  • U – is for Unexpected help from Unexpected quarters
  • V – is for Victory, but for whom?
  • W – is for Weather, which in Wales, is never very reliable
  • X – is for eXes, and why it’s a bad idea to get back with them
  • Y – is for Yesterday, and how the town can’t let go of Mia’s family’s past
  • Z – is for the famous smuggler, A to Z Jones

And here’s an excerpt…

People could say what they liked about Welsh seaside towns, but in Mia Page’s opinion, there weren’t many better ways to start a June day than walking barefoot on the beach.

Shoes in hand, she wriggled her toes against the dry sand and stared out over the glistening waves, cheerfully ignoring the line of dead jellyfish left behind by the retreating tide. Even at eight-thirty in the morning, the salt air was already filling with the familiar seaside scents of frying chips and a hint of sugary rock.

‘Magda’s trying to persuade me to open StarFish for breakfasts, and close two nights a week,’ Charlie said, walking beside her with his hands in his pockets. He still had his shoes on, even though Mia had tried to explain to him a hundred times over the course of their friendship that the only proper way to walk on a beach was barefoot. ‘Says we’ll get more customers that way. More people can afford a quick breakfast than a three course dinner.’

‘Makes sense,’ Mia said. ‘But you don’t want to?’

Charlie sighed, and Mia snuck a sideways glance at him as they walked. He looked tired, his broad shoulders slumped. ‘I just always wanted StarFish to be a proper seafood restaurant, I guess. Not just another café diner surviving on serving coffee.’

‘Can’t you be both?’ Mia laughed at the filthy look he gave her. ‘Your problem is that you still think you’re in London, where enough people can afford to eat out every night of the week if they want.’

‘Oh, it’s pretty clear I’m not in London any more,’ Charlie said, gesturing to the seafront and then the rows of pastel coloured houses up above. ‘The smell apart from anything else.’

‘You mean the glorious, reviving sea air,’ Mia corrected him.

‘Something like that.’ Charlie shook his head, then gave her a lopsided smile. ‘Besides, as Magda keeps pointing out, without a few more customers I’ll never be able to afford to move back there anyway.’

A chill hit Mia’s chest, and she tried to convince herself it was the breeze. It was easy to forget, sometimes, that Charlie didn’t want to be in Aberarian. That, but for an evil ex-girlfriend and an economic downturn, he wouldn’t be there at all. When it was just them, catching a midnight movie or tasting new dishes at the restaurant, she could almost believe this was enough for him – their friendship, her hometown.

But every now and then, she couldn’t forget that her best friend would be hightailing it back to London, the first chance he got. Which was just enough to make sure she never let on how much she didn’t want him to.

‘I can’t imagine why you’d want to,’ she said, as lightly as she could. ‘I mean, who could bring themselves to leave all this?’

Mia turned slowly around, surveying her domain as Charlie watched her with an amused grin on his face. The caves, just up the coast, where A to Z Jones’s smuggler gang were said to have hidden, back in the day. The lighthouse on the cliff above, and beside it the tumbledown lighthouse keeper’s cottage she’d dreamt of owning as a child. The Esplanade, with its dated hotels and faded guesthouses, spanning the length of the beach.

Her boss, attacking the postman on the Esplanade.

‘Oh hell. What is she doing now?’ Mia gave her toes one last wriggle, then tugged her shoes back on. ‘Sorry, it looks like I have to rescue Jacques from Ditsy. I’ll see you later, though?’

‘Yeah, sure.’ Charlie stared up at the Esplanade. ‘And you’re right. I can’t imagine how I could ever think of leaving this place,’ he added, as Ditsy walloped Jacques in the stomach with her handbag.

Mia stuck her tongue out at him and dashed up the stone steps from the beach to the town above. Ahead of her, Ditsy Levine, seventy-six and still spectacular, dressed in a shocking pink and green floral tea dress, had Jacques’ arm twisted up behind his back and was trying to prise a selection of envelopes from his hand. Jacques was not giving in easily.

‘Ditsy, what on earth are you doing?’ Mia grabbed the much older woman around the waist, more to steady her than stop her, since Ditsy looked about to topple over.

‘Getting our post,’ Ditsy said through gritted teeth, succeeding at last in peeling one of Jacques’ fingers out of the way.

Jacques – who’d arrived in Aberarian from France two months before Mia was born, twenty-eight years ago, yet still complained about the weather – was not the world’s most efficient postman. But he did have a system. He started his deliveries on the outer streets of the small seaside town and spiralled his way in to the centre until he reached the post office again. Ditsy’s A to Z shop, being next door to the post office-cum-newsagents on the main street, was his last stop. Quite often, the workday had effectively ended by the time he handed Mia her mail.

‘If somebody would employ a sensible delivery system,’ Ditsy carried on, separating another finger from the letters, ‘I wouldn’t have to resort to such actions.’

‘Fine, fine!’ Jacques finally released the post, and the sudden action caused Ditsy to jerk backwards, pushing Mia against the railing separating the Esplanade from the rocks leading down to the sandy beach. Glancing down, she could see Charlie walking back along the beach the way they’d come, heading for StarFish and another day not serving breakfasts. From the slump of his shoulders, he didn’t look happy about it.

With a sigh, Mia turned back to see Ditsy settling her skinny frame onto a nearby bench and sorting through her mail. Jacques rooted around in his inside pocket and pulled out another envelope. Ditsy made a disgruntled noise from the bench, obviously personally offended he’d kept any mail hidden from her.

‘Since we’re ignoring any sense of order today, you might as well have this too.’ Jacques shoved the letter into her hands. ‘It was addressed to your mother’s old house, but I would have brought it over to you.’ He sounded hurt at the accusations thrown at him for doing his job in an orderly manner, and for a moment Mia wondered if he was hanging around for an apology from Ditsy, in which case she suspected everyone’s post would still be waiting to be delivered tomorrow.

Then she glanced down at the envelope. Written across the reverse flap was a return address: G E Page, 15 Cottle Way, Cottlethorpe, East Yorkshire. Well, at least she knew where dear old Dad had got to now. And it had only taken him fourteen years to write. Suddenly it was very clear why Jacques was still there.

Mia pushed the letter into the corner of her handbag. She wasn’t giving Jacques, and by extension everyone on his post round, the satisfaction of knowing what her father had to say to her.

She wasn’t even sure she wanted to know herself.

Buy An A to Z of Love from:

Amazon UK ~ Amazon US ~ Mills & Boon ~ Kobo ~ Nook

Room for Love

Release Day for Room for Love!

I’m so excited to be able to say today that I am an official part of the Carina UK family because – Room for Love is available to buy right now!

Even better, it’s already got some lovely reviews from the nice people who requested it from Netgalley. Like these:

Rachel Cotterill, 5 stars:

It’s Carrie’s personal struggle to accept friendship, love, and assistance which lies at the heart of this book. A very sweet story which I really loved; I finished it in no time.

Rosee, Goodreads, 5 stars:

“What a delightful story! I loved the descriptions of the old inn and surrounding countryside and the occupants of the inn were irresistible. This book is a real treat.”

So, what’s it all about? Well…

Room for LoveWhen wedding planner Carrie Archer inherits the crumbling Avalon Inn where she spent her childhood summers, she knows she’ll do whatever it takes to make it home. With no money for renovations, that means finding investors if she ever hopes to turn the Avalon into a dream wedding venue.

But Carrie has been left more than the inn—she’s also inherited its occupants, including three senior citizens, a single-father chef with childcare issues, a panicky receptionist, and one very gorgeous gardener.

So when her cousin Ruth declares her intention to get married at the Avalon on Christmas Eve, Carrie finds herself juggling decorating with dance nights, budgeting with bridge games…and sabotage with seduction.

And don’t forget, the next two books in the trilogy will be out soon – An A to Z of Love hits the virtual shelves in June, with Summer of Love following in July, just in time for the summer holidays!

I really hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them. Here’s a little sneak peak of Room for Love to tempt you into the Avalon Inn…


Chapter 1

It’s a money pit, Carrie. You don’t have to do this. You can’t do this.

Carrie stared out of the car window at the familiar, crumbling form of the Avalon Inn, her father’s words still echoing in her head. Five, and it barely seemed to have changed at all. The roof tiles still sat wonky, the terrace seemed to be sinking into the grass, and moss had crept so far up the building it appeared to have taken over the stonework.

In other words, it still looked like home.

The place she’d spent endless childhood summers, reading by firelight or adventuring through overgrown gardens. The scene of her first kiss. Fourteen years old, dressed in Grandma Nancy’s second-best silk gown, dancing on the terrace with one of the local boys. He’d sung along to the music, his breath warm against her ear as they’d hidden in the darkness, peering through the window at the women dancing, their long dresses swirling. Cigar smoke and music had filled the air, and Carrie had known in that moment that the Avalon Inn was where she truly belonged.

Even now, so many years later, she knew this place, deep in her bones. Just through the front door stood the ornate, curving main staircase, the site of her cousin Ruth’s many fictional weddings. And somewhere, shoved in the bottom of a cupboard, she’d probably find a dressing-up box holding the endless parade of second-hand bridesmaid’s dresses Ruth had dressed Carrie in for the occasions. The unicorn tapestry would still be hanging over the reception desk, and the old Welsh dresser must still dominate the dining room.

All so, so familiar.

She could almost see Grandma Nancy skipping down the front steps, if she tried. Carrie squinted for a second, before the twinge of guilt that always accompanied the thought of five years of absence caught up with her. Because Grandma Nancy would never walk down those steps again. Because now the Avalon Inn belonged to Carrie.

She shouldn’t have done it, Carrie. It wasn’t fair. You don’t have the knowledge or the experience to run an inn. Especially not a crumbling old heap like the Avalon.

She could still see her father, shaking his head as he spoke, hands trembling as he held the whisky glass Uncle Patrick had forced into his hand the moment the funeral service was over.

“I’ve been organising society weddings for five years,” Carrie argued, even though her dad was two weeks and three hundred miles away. “I think I can manage one venue.”

Think of what you’re throwing away! It’ll swallow up all your savings in one gulp, and God knows Mum didn’t have much money to leave you. And what then? Do you think that boss of yours will take you back again? Anna gave you a job when you needed one, when no one else would, as a favour to Uncle Patrick. And now you’re walking out on her. You’re burning your bridges, Carrie.

Enough. She might have burned every bridge, aqueduct and underpass she had, but she was here. And she couldn’t just sit in her car waiting for something to happen. She was on her own now.

Sucking in a deep breath, Carrie opened the door and stepped out, locking the car behind her automatically before she caught herself. She almost laughed. Who did she think was going to steal her tiny city car here in the middle of the Welsh mountains? There probably wasn’t even anyone there to see it.

Behind her, the peaks and valleys of Snowdonia stretched out, green and vibrant and damp in the autumn afternoon. The air tasted different here. Fresher than London, of course, but more than that. Almost as if it had more life in it.

For the first time in the two weeks since the funeral, since that awful fight with her father, Carrie felt something inside her relax. This was the right thing to do. Grandma Nancy had left her the Avalon—not Dad, or Uncle Patrick, or even Ruth—so she’d obviously believed she was up to the challenge.

No matter what everyone else thought.

Carrie was going to save the Avalon Inn, all by herself. And then she was going to take great pleasure in saying ‘I told you so’ to everyone who said she couldn’t do it.

Just as Gran would have wanted.

Room for Love

Big News, and much Love From Wales

All the way back in January, I mentioned that my first three novels, the Love From Wales trilogy, were going to be unavailable for a time. Well, I’m pleased to announce that they’re about to be re-released, better than ever.

Once a book is out there, on the shelves and e-readers of the world, it’s usually too late to decide you want to make changes. Which means that most writers, I imagine, look at their early works occasionally and think ‘if only I’d known then what I know now…’

I first wrote Room for Love almost six years ago, and An A to Z of Love around the same time. Even Summer of Love was first drafted three years ago. So, when I was given the opportunity to regain the rights to all three Love From Wales books, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to brighten, tighten and improve them with everything I’ve learnt over the last few years. And who better to help me do that than the publisher I’m now writing romances for?

So I contacted Carina UK, the digital first imprint of Harlequin Mills and Boon, and asked if they’d be interested in re-releasing the new and improved books – and lucky for me, they said they’d love to!

So, for the past few months, while also keeping on top of my usual writing schedule, I’ve also been polishing, primping and preparing these three books to go back out into the world again – and now it’s very nearly time.

Room for LoveRoom for Love is set to be released on May 15th, with An A to Z of Love following in June and Summer of Love in July. In fact, Room for Love is already up for pre-order on Amazon – and look at its gorgeous new cover!

If you’ve never had the chance to read these books before, I hope you’ll give them a try. Set in my homeland of Wales, and featuring a cast of characters that still feel like family to me, these books are very dear to my heart. If you want to know more about them, check out the series page.

And if you read all three the first time around… well, if you feel like revisiting Carrie and Nate at the Avalon, or Charlie and Mia in Aberarian, or Lily and Alex on their summer of weddings, you many find things a little different – but definitely improved!