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Springing into action!

Or, rather, sluggishly pouring myself another cup of tea and smiling at my daffodils. But it's March 1st, St David's Day, and surely it has to be spring by now, right? Spring always makes me want to do things. Not clean, obviously, but other things. Start new projects, undertake new activities, make something. In this… Continue reading Springing into action!

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Release Dates!

Just a quick update today, as I'm hard at work on edits/proposals/first drafts all at the same time today... It's half term, and I have to make the most of every moment I get to work this week! Still, I wanted to update the blog with the latest dates and details for my upcoming releases...… Continue reading Release Dates!

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Birthdays and Book Contracts

So, it's been a bit of an exciting week, here at Pembroke Cottage. Firstly, and most importantly, the Daughter turned four, with all the pomp and ceremony you might expect. She'd spent weeks, possibly months, planning the details. She'd chosen the theme - Alice in Wonderland, of course - decided on the invitation design, discussed… Continue reading Birthdays and Book Contracts

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A Late Start

January is never really the best month for fresh starts and new beginnings. It's too cold, for a start, and the Christmas/New Year hangover always lingers. Too much food, drink, expense. January just makes me want to hibernate. I didn't have a lot of choice this year, actually. First the daughter, and then I, got… Continue reading A Late Start

Three Witches Drawing
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Season of mists, marriage and mocha cake

We're definitely in the grip of Autumn over here, and loving every minute of it. We spent October half term deep in the depths of Sherwood Forest with 22 of our nearest and dearest, where I got to: indulge my inner Maid Marion by picking up a crossbow (and being great at it, thank you),… Continue reading Season of mists, marriage and mocha cake

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Falling in Love with the City

I know my books are all set in small villages and towns, out in the hills and the country, miles from anywhere... but I have a confession to make. I love London. I always have, ever since we spent a weekend there when I was sixteen, in the middle of a heat wave, and my… Continue reading Falling in Love with the City

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On target!

Just checking in with a quick update - I finished the first draft of my new book this week, on time, and I still love it (which is rare at this point). It needs a good, thorough revision, of course, but the bones are down and I know I can work with them. Still a… Continue reading On target!

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Changing Priorities

This round of ROW80 has been a bit of a windy road for me. On the one hand, fantastic news and a writing contract in hand. On the other, the realisation that there are actually only 24 hours in the day, and I can't do everything I want to, no matter how hard I try.… Continue reading Changing Priorities

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Goals: setting, hitting and changing

One of the beautiful things about the Round of Words in 80 days challenge is that ability to change your goals, as and when you need to. An admission: I love setting goals. I love aiming high, having deadlines, striving to complete enough to put a tick on my to do list. I love seeing my… Continue reading Goals: setting, hitting and changing

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Post Submission Malaise

The hardest part of the write-revise-submit-write-revise-submit cycle, for me anyway, is the post submission malaise. When I'm writing, I'm fired with enthusiasm - either for the draft in hand, or for whatever shiny new idea I have had to put aside until it's finished. Either way, I'm plugging on, getting words on the page, clocking… Continue reading Post Submission Malaise